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[Argentina]Egorushka vodka

Now available- Egorushka genuine Premium Russia Vodka-Special Reserve. True triple distilled vodka made with pure natural spring water from the Caucus Mountains in Russia. 80 proof. Distilled from grain. Disttilled three times. The quality is better than Smirnoff, Absolut, etc. The best quality at a great price because it is half the price of the leading Vodka's on the market today. I provide beautiful case cards and shelf talkers. These silent salesmen will have the customers fighting to buy[...]


[Georgia]Georgian brandy Saradjishvili 155

Produced in honor of 155th anniversary of the founder of Georgian domestic brandy production - David Saradjishvili. In is a blend of unique Georgian brandy spirits, distilled in 1893 and 1905, under direct supervision of David Saradjishvili. Average age of this brandy is 100 years. I has dark golden color, rich bouquet with fine vanilla-chocolate and oak tones and soft, velvety palate. Saradjishvili - 155 has been participating in international competitions since 2003 and received 3 Grand Prix.[...]


[Georgia]Georgian brandy

Georgian brandy SARAGISHVILI COLLECTIONS - 1986/97 Age: 14 Yr Awards: 17 golds, 6 silvers, 3 bronze Alcohol: 40%[...]


[Denmark]Italian Wines

Different red and white wines from different wineyards in Italy. High quality, competitive prices. To be shipped all over Europe direct from the wineyard.[...]


[Spain]Ecological Red wine - Marques de PeƱasolvas

Ecological semi-crianza red wine from D.O. La Rioja. It is made from Tempranillo and grenache, very well balanced and fruity.[...]



Vodka PREMIUM TM"Holodni Yar" is really premium vodka. It is made by unique receipt with using of A grade alcohol. In its composition everything is natural. It combines delicate taste, premium quality, excellent luxury bottle and competitive price[...]



Vodka Classic is real white classic vodka, soft and harmonious to taste. Classic vodka keeps insidenatural purity and vital force of Holodni Yar water. During the process of manufacture water from natural artesian springs is taken to produce it. Water of Holodni Yar is well-known for it softness. This water gives Classic Vodka unsurpassed softness and elegant taste. As all our products it combines premium quality, attractive design and competitive price.[...]



Vodka Osobliva (Special) it is exactly that vodka which is popular in ukraine and also abroad.It has won many awards during international alcohol fairs in Paris,Berlin,Madrid.It has delicate soft taste with slightly palpable soecial mint chill. Attractive design, premium quality and competitive price - is dignity os Vodka Osobliva.[...]



Vodka Hlebnaya (Hlibna) - is good and soft vodka with tint of "cool" mint and really soft aroma of white bread.Natural aromatic alcohol is in its composition.[...]



Vodka Medova (with chilly pepper and honey) - it is not that vodka which "burns" throat, quite the contrary, even pleasant warmth spreads in one's mouth and round the body. In its composition everything is natural. Our product engineers worked under it for a long time in order to achieve perfection and find delicate ratio between components, and besides, to achieve balance of taste - not very sweet and not too burning. It has excellent design, premium quality and competitive price.[...]