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Country: Poland

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[Poland]Active Guard [tm]

THE WORLD'S FIRST REAL-TIME GUARD MONITORING SYSTEM Active GuardT is the most advanced and the world's first system that allows real-time personnel work time, location and task completion monitoring, which utilizes GPRS-based data transmission technology. Active Guard supports also voice connectivity with the personnel without the need for an additional equipment, such as mobile phones or short wave transmitters. Active Guard devices can transmit alert in case of any emergency requiring[...]


[Poland]BIS Supervisor - Cashiers' Desk Monitoring System

The system aims at eliminating mistakes during the sale and eliminating losses connected with the process. It supervises and archives cashiers' work. It enables detecting anomalies such as e.g. carrying goods through the cash desk without purchasing them, recording goods as different than the purchased ones e.g. a screwdriver instead of a drilling machine. Another advantage of the system is that it undertakes the role of security guards who are not always able to notice such situations and sometimes[...]


[Poland]BlackBox Intelligence System (BIS)

BIS is an IT system designed to allow supervision of cashiers' transactions in the point of sale. Entities grouped in the system (e.g. a group of tenants leasing shopping and service areas in a shopping centre) are supervised and the supervisor is the owner of the system (e.g. an entity that lets out the shopping area in the shopping centre). The following functions are available as a consequence of the assumptions made: Data acquisition - BlackBox allows real time acquisition of transaction[...]