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Category: Construction -> Lighting systems

Country: South Korea

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[South Korea]LED LAMP

Features: Energy saving : 80~90% less power consumption than incandescent lamp Eco-friendly : Mercury & Lead free No RF interference, No UV radiation , No flickering Long life time up to 50,000hours CE & RoHS compliant Instant soft start Body temperature less than 60 ℃ Application: Hotels Parks Houses Offices Corridors Market place Show windows[...]


[South Korea]Portable Solar Light

Recently developed this Portable Solar Light System will give you completely new experience of outdoor activities. This small, handy and easy-to-install product will take you any place you want to go such as camping, mountain climbing and fishing. This product is very good and useful for outdoor toilets in parks without using any electricity. You can use this light system at night for minimum 6 to 10 hours with only 3 hours solar charging. The longer charging, the longer using up to 24 hours.[...]


[South Korea]Energy Saving Smart Exit Light

This newly invented and internationally patented energy-saving and maintenance free Exit Light uses almost no electricity, just about 0.5 watt per hour(0.5W/h) only. Our Smart Exit Light can also be used as an emergency light owing to its long lasting time of lighting in case of power failure. Its lifespan is semi permanent owing to our hi-tech and specialized technology on LED, which we adopted for this product. Also owing to our technology, we are able to supply you very thin and light[...]


[South Korea]Light bulb,anion

Anion light will make a refresh and vital air in home, office,etc. likely in the Forest. It's included Negative ion generator. Negative ion remove air polution, smoke, bacteria and dust ,etc. ------------------------ Product name: The forest Anion Light bulb. Model : spiral type 15Watt(850Luminous), 20watt(1,100 Luminous),23watt(1,300Luminous) (energy saving type) Light co;or : daylight and warm white light Life time : over 8,000 ~11,000hrs Anion count measurement : 985,280 anions/cc distance[...]