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Country: Poland

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[Poland]ferroconcrete fences

FERROCONCRETE FENCES · prefabricated concrete fencesmade of ferroconcrete panels measuring 200 X 50 cm Posts for fences in parameters up to 100 ,150, 200, 250, 300 cm height These fences are strong, lasting, functional and easy to assembly, don’t require conservation. Price-list: - post 155 cm (two panels up ) –22,00 pln - post 210 cm (three panels up) –25,00 pln - post 265 cm (four panels up ) - 32,00 pln - post 320 cm (five panelsup) - 50,00 pln - post 400 cm (six panels[...]


[Poland]Eurostyle fence brick (like sandstone)

EUROSTYLE BRICK Fences are made of two kind of moulder,which is made of vibroprass and coulored concrete imitative natural sandstone,and two kind of peak(roof). moulder: - type A for wall - type B for post kind of peak (roof ): - type C two-drop-hammer for walll - type D four-drop-hammer for post available basic colours: different colours for order - red [...]






big variety of the product rangef like NUTS, WASHERS, and SCREWS[...]


[Poland]Wire meshes

Our enterprise is one of the more important manufacturers of reinforcing and fence of wire nettings in Wielkopolska and Lubuskie province. We supply many companies, in Poznań and Zielona Góra. We cooperate not only with wholesale stores but also private consignees. We make the wire nettings using the heating method. We use wires from 2 to 8 millimeter in diameter. The size of the mesh depends on the client's requirements( not smaller than 40x40 millimeters) just like the size of the whole[...]


[Poland]Gasketing sheets

Gasketing sheets are delivered to the users and then processed into gaskets in the simplest method of cutting. It is recommended to apply me-thods which do not change physical and chemical properties of the sheets. The sheets during the process should be dry, free from any foreign elements and oil, non-layered; the sheet surfaces should be intact.[...]


[Poland]Building grates

Realization: raw wire Dimensions: breadth - 100 cm; 125 cm; long - 200 cm;250 cm; eye - 10/10 cm; 15/15 cm; diameter of wire - 3mm-8mm[...]