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[Poland]Rotary blowers

Water management Aeration of clarifiers and return-flushing of filters require highly efficient and reliable rotary blower systems that are able to deliver large volumes with minimal pulsation and sound levels.[...]

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[Poland]Waste Management

The mining, and minerals' treatment wastes, coal and lignite fired power plant ashes and FGD wastes, industrial wastes, and municipal wastes as well, have very often a large potential environmental impact. POLTEGOR-engineering Ltd. has been specializing in planning and designing of environmentally safe and cost-saving management and disposal of all the types of solid wastes. We are doing comprehensive designs of waste handling, disposal sites, storage yards including water and air monitoring systems,[...]


[Poland]Compact solar water heaters, solar collectors, parts for collectors

We are manufacturer of solar water heaters. Our aim is to deliver products and services to our customers, which are as good or even better than the market standards, and in the same time they are more ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY. We will concentrate on working on solutions which bring our customers TANGIBLE BENEFITS and the confidence of positive influence on the ENVIRONMENT. The activity connected to ECO ENERGY is the core of our company. Currently, together with research workers from universities[...]


[Poland]Environmental protection, consulting

The environmental protection is a very wide issue including many different science disciplines which are often distant to each other. Legal regulations and acts are also an important aspect. The base law in the field of environment in Poland is the Environmental Protection Law which i.a. imposes the reclamation duty and elaborating environmental impact assessments or reports. Those duties demand not only preparing documentations but also conducting approving procedures. Therefore DEKONTA Polska Sp.[...]


[Poland]Determination of the degree and the range of environment contamination

Determination of the degree and the range of ground and water environment contamination Before the reclamation process of ground and water environment starts geological, hydrogeological conditions and character, range and degree of contamination should be determined precisely. In order to achieve it different methods are used, e.g. bore holes drilling, atmogeochemical and geophysical investigations. Bore holes allow to define the geological profile, groundwater table level, sample ground and[...]


[Poland]Reclamation, bioremediation

Bioremediation of sites contaminated by oil derived substances Different methods of reclamation are used to dispose of contamination, e.g.: ground replacement, free floating product removal, biotechnological methods including implementation of bacteria strains decomposing hydrocarbons and plants able to absorb, stabilize or metabolize contamination. Nowadays methods using bacteria strains decomposing hydrocarbons seem to be the most appropriate due to ecological and economical reasons. This[...]


[Poland]Sludge dryer - low temperature

Low temperature sludge dryer (40oC), low energy consumption 330 kWh to remove 1000 l of water. Running principle - heat pump[...]


[Poland]Better Budgeting for Your Business - Optimize Your Company's Financial

In an increasingly cost conscious world, control over your organisation's income and expenditure is vital. For most successful organisations, this control begins with a budgeting process that sets the scene and forms the basis for the business operation for the year ahead. But for many people, budgeting is a time-consuming nuisance to be endured with as little patience and commitment as is possible, sometimes with little or no understanding of what it entails. This guide aims to help you to design[...]


[Poland]wiping rags