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[China]Polyimide Film

Polyimide film (KYPI) is synthesized by polymerizing PMDA and ODA in strong polar solvents through the process of forming film and imine treatment at high temperature, which possesses excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, atomic radiation resistant, solvent resistant, low & high temperature resistant, It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -452F(-269c) and as high as +500F(+260c). Because of its unique excellent properties, it is the most ideal[...]


[China]210mm miter saw

210mm miter saw Model YM9210 1300W 5000rpm diameter of saw blade: 210mm max cutting: 60x120mm Loading quantity: 420pcs/20"GP 875pcs/40"GP[...]


[China]255mm slide miter saw

255mm slide miter saw Model QL210A 1800W 4600rpm diameter of saw blade: 255mm max cutting: 75x305mm Loading quantity: 190pcs/20"GP 395pcs/40"GP[...]


[China]355mm cut off saw

355mm cut off saw Model GW72355A 1600-1800W 3800rpm diameter of saw blade: 355 max cutting: 100mm Loading quantity: 455pcs/20"GP 920pcs/40"GP[...]


[China]150mm mini cut off saw

150mm mini miter/cut off saw Model QL807B 800W 7400rpm diameter of saw blade: 150mm max cutting: 35x35mm Loading quantity: 1180pcs/20"GP 2400pcs/40"GP 2700pcs/40"HQ[...]


[China]51mm mini miter/cut off saw

51mm mini miter/cut off saw Model GW200 200W 7800rpm diameter of saw blade: 51mm/2" max cutting: 10x20mm Loading quantity: 2610pcs/20"GP 5760pcs/40"GP Mainly cutting: wood, aluminum, slim steel, brass etc soft metal[...]


[China]DC61000, 6V1000mA Universal Type AC/DC Adaptor

Professional manufacturer for kinds of adaptors, AC/DC Adaptors, Battery Chargers, Power adaptors, Switching Power Supply etc. It's ideal chargers or power supply for types of batteries, lights, audio, ethernet adaptors, etc. Brand in "Jiali Electronics", With certificate CE/GS/RoHS/BS/UL/CUL/SAA/PSE, We have transformer types and switching types(electronic types) using different elements 110V 60Hz adaptor 2 pins, 230V 50Hz adaptor 2pins, 3 pins, 110V 60Hz charger, 230V 50Hz[...]


[China]Excellent quality most popular fibreglass duct rod

Duct rodder are composed of fiber glass rod which is extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature. This type of rod has high tensile strength and flexibility. It was covered by a high density polyethylene engineering plastic as its protect layer, which make duct rodder cover sliding on surface, durable,corrosion resistant and has good insulation performance, which make them safe for using in cable occupied duct. High Density polyethylene(grade: for insulating and jacketing[...]


[China]flexible rod frp push pull rod

1. Light weight, durable, resistance to acid and alkali, aging resistant, corrosion resistant. 2. High tensile strength and bending properties, which make it go through narrow pipes easily. 3. Perfect temperature adaptability, the product will not soften in hot weather or become brittle in the cold weather. 4. Cover was coated with long-term UV-resistant polyethylene. 5. There are meter marks on the surface of duct rodder, which can be used for measuring distance. 6. There are several colors[...]


[China]Super quality useful fiberglass duct rodder 6mm

Brief description:As one of biggest duct rodder manufacturers in Asia, we provide the duct rodder with high quality and competitive price. We could produce from 4 to18mm diameters’ duct rodder, and provide duct rodder adding with copper wire, stainless steel wire for detecting uses. So the duct rodder is also called Detectable Rodders. According to customers’ requirement, We could produce different length and colorr duct rodder. Duct rodder are composed of fiber glass rod which is extruded[...]