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[ CHAMPAGNE STOPPER ] We have stock! Products Overview>> Stainless steel Champagne Stopper (also suitable for use with other foam bottle). Both sides of the mount design can be stuck firmly in the bottle to withstand any impact air pressure bottle. Plastic part is ABS + Silicon. Metal surface may be required to do sanding surface (shown) or high-precision optical mirrors. Welcome Wholesale: Others, such as packaging time, etc. Please call or e-mail[...]


[China]Toilet tank fittings: double control flush valve

*The height of body is 287mm; *Overflow pipe(optional height); *Silicon seal is free from leak;[...]


[China]100% oil painting direct from artists in China

We are specialized in oil painting reproductions in China. We supply all kinds of handpainted oil paintings including reproduction masterpieces and original oil painting for customers around the world.All of our paintings are 100% handpainted on canvas.Our price is very competitive because we are artists oursleves,no agent for any extra charge,thus we can offer you top quality at artists' eyesight and terrific price at our lowest cost.Please feel free to email to know more about us.[...]


[China]Disposable and biodegradable lunchbox

Our products are made of maize starch; pollution-free; harmless to human body; biodegradable; suitable for microwave and freezer. They mainly fall into four groups, namely, the disposable cups, bowls,trays and lunchboxes[...]


[China]Knives,Cook Knife,Kitchen Knives,chef's knife

We are producing and exporting professional cutlery and knives for butchers and commercial catering equipments chef's, ours are very similar to the knives cutlery from: Nella cutlery, sharpening services companies cozzini, grinding services companies, mundial cutlery and knives, chicago cutlery, swibo, f. Dick, r. H. Forschner, victorinox, tramentina, eicker, ivo, laikai, rapara, sabtier, deglon, granton EDGE, sheffield, Cuchillos, cuchilleria, messer, kochmesser, fleischmesser, fleischer messer,[...]


[China]Tomato Slicer, Ham Holder, Ham Stands, Can Openers

omato slicer 1/4" 3/16" nemco type. Made in china. Ham holder, ham stands, ham slicer, ham knife, serre-jambon. Butcher knives and catering equipments and supplies, restaurant hotel food service equipments and supplies. Food processors. Meat grinders, sausage stuffers, mandoline, butcher supplies and knives. Chef knives and chef slicer cook knife, butcher knife and supplies. Tabletop can openers with clamer and revits manual for food industry and comnmercial kitchens. Other foodservice[...]


[China]magnetic knife racks,Knife Sharpeners Sharpening Steels Series

Full line of all kinds knife sharpening steels and knife sharpeners for Professional meat processing industry and food industry and catering and commercial kitchenwares use. China knife sharpening steels and knife sharpeners. Fleischerbedarf, fleischermesser, messertaschen, knife scabbards/sheaths/butcher knives for professionals. Meat hooks, stechmesser, schlachtmesser, ausfuhrung, bezeichnung, gebogen, Messertasche. China top metal Inc. Also: Couteaux professionnels, coutellerie de boucher[...]


[Turkey]Futon & Futon Frames

We are manufacturer of futon frames/boards and accessories within 5.000 sqm closed area in Kayseri(Turkei) Industrial Zone. We are using HDF for all of our production items and after venering its reflecting as beech, oak valnut or cherry. HDF gives unbelievable results under CNC and unit part embroidering.[...]


[China]Metal chair

all kinds of metal chairs and barstools[...]


[China]Table Topls

solid wood oak, 1.5"thickness, colors available:dm,m,c,n,w[...]