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[Taiwan]Filament covered yarn, Staple covered yarn

Elastic covered yarn is made of an elastic fiber, which is drawn to the certain times and then covered by another yarn. Filament covered yarn: Two types of yarn are divided according to its sorts: 1.Polyester Textured Yarn: a. soft and smooth feeling b. comfortable dressing c. eel like wool d. the cloth with plentiful feeling 2.Nylon textured yarn: a. super soft and smooth feeling b. natural and plentiful feeling . c. delicate brilliance . d. without lint e. with two-color feeling Staple[...]


[Poland]Weather Risk Management - Weather derivatives

What are weather derivatives? Weather derivatives are bilateral futures contracts that are accounted for based on atmospheric conditions, rain or wind speed. These instruments are used the most often in managing a non-catastrophic weather risk, but they are used more and more often for investment purposes as an attractive instrument to diversify the portfolio. What is non-catastrophic weather risk? The concept of non-catastrophic weather risk is used to describe a financial exposure of the[...]



[China]Auphan Dining Joined in HOSFAIR again

As high quality and the largest midyear hospitality supplies fair in Asia, the 8th Guangzhou International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair (HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010) will be grandly held on June 30 to July 2, 2010 in China Import and Export Fair Complex. Most of famous and important enterprises, who from the hospitality industry positive participant in HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010 to offer more choices for purchaser from all over the world. Empire Software Enterprise Ltd got plentiful and[...]


[China]The fashionable pioneer of hotel supplies-SINO Trend will brightly app

The fashionable pioneer of hotel supplies-SINO Trend will brightly appear in HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010 As the biggest hospitality supplies fair in eve of 2010 Asian Games, the 8th Guangzhou International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair(HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010)will be held on June 30 to July 2,2010 in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex. HOSFAIR bases in Guangzhou which is the biggest production, sale and import and export base of China hospitality supplies, gathers notable enterprises,[...]


[China]Alibaba promote in HOSFAIR Guangzhou for the third time

Asia largest hospitality supplies fair-the 8th Guangzhou International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair (HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010) will be grandly held on June 30 to July 2, 2010 in China Import and Export Fair Complex. After 7 years’ rapid development, exhibition scale of HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010 has expanded 8 times and comprehensive strength have greatly enhanced. There are more and more famous enterprises take HOSFAIR Guangzhou into annual exhibition plan to attend every year. Since 2[...]


[China]Guangzhou Kingwin join in HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010

When 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games entered the countdown stage, related industry, such as catering, accommodation and entertainment industries have accelerated renewal step and driven rapidly into hot development of the hospitality supplies industry. HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010 will be held on the eve of Asia Games, is not only a valuable approach for Asia Games reception hotels to look for high quality suppliers, but also an important international trade platform and propagandize chance for enterprises to[...]


[China]Meet Asian Games, Promote Industry Development HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010

Meet Asian Games, Promote Industry Development ---HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010 Booth Selling Hot 2010 Asia Games will be a large-scale integrative sport event with the biggest scale and most international influence to be held by Guangzhou so far. In order to meet Asia Games as well as tourism and business demands, Guangzhou and peripheral regions stir up upsurge of establishing and renovating hotels. Until 2010 Asia Games, Guangzhou hotel industry supply will be increased by large amplitude. The starred[...]


[South Korea]Liaison Office Service in Korea

We provide office-function service in Korea. You don't need to come to Korea every time on some little important business cases. Our serving lines: (1) Generally serving you as your liaison office or representative or messenger for you in Korea. (2) Managing,controlling your business working in Korea instead of you by your instructions.[...]


[South Korea]Miscellaneous Business Services in Korea

We serve miscellaneous performing,handling services in Korea. Do you have any annoying, irksome, tiresome, troublesome things or matters in Korea? In those cases,don't worry about them. We will take care of it for you. This is the very our performing,handling service. Of cource, we serve you with evidences.[...]


[South Korea]Information and Investigation Service in Korea

We are a business information service providing company in Korea. Do you need information and investigation etc. service about Korean company or something in Korea? We are having much useful informations about that. Please contact Mr.Kelly Kim[...]