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[Japan]ENGINEER Broken Screw Removal Pliers

IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE STRIPPED SCREW ? Our Screw Remover Pliers help you remove rusty, stripped or broken screw bolts and fasteners very easily. When you come across stuck screws, screwdrivers are no longer useful and ordinary pliers can not hold the screw head without slipping. "ENGINEER" PZ-58 is specially designed for extracting ; 1) Screw, bolt and fastener frozen with rust, 2) Stripped or damaged screw head & 3) Screw whose slot on the head is special, unique or tamper-proof.[...]


[Japan]ENGINEER Micro Connector Crimping Tool

Makes it possible to crimp 1.25 to 2.5mm pitch connector pins (AWG #32 to 20) of different connector makers with only 1 pce. of our PA-09!! JST, Molex, Tyco, HRS brands open-barel contacts are applicable. * 4 different crimping dies, 1.0, 1.4, 1.6 & 1.9mm(W) * Oil -resistant elastomer (TPR) handle * with locking latch and coiled spring[...]


[Japan]ENGINEER 2-in-1 brade Combination Scissors

* Notched Blades prevent the object from slipping. * U-type Blade holds a round object such as electric insulated cord steadily. * Trimming various objects which you could not cut with ordinary scissors such as nylon fiber, cabtire cord, etc. * Fine and flush cut in finish even compared with cut by nippers Material : Stainless Steel Hardness: HRC52-56 Overall Length : 170mm Weight : 58 g[...]


[Japan]WC Plunger For LDPE Plant

Mitsubishi Materials is a Tungsten carbide manufacurer in Japan. As one of our several products,we have been dealing with Plunger for LDPE for years. Our technology of cemented carbide blank & mirror machining (Maximum overall length 1,450mm) ranks at the world's top-class.Therefore we have shipped our products to many customers,not only in Japan,but also abroad and have been appriciated by our customers. Our characteristics are; *Available for wide range application in[...]


[Japan]Slot Die For Thin Film Coating

Super-accurate coating technology anticipates a next generation's needs! 1.The Characteristics of Die Coating *A coating liquid can be coated on the film directly. *The coating speed is faster than that of Roll Coating. *The coating thickness can be maintained accurately in both the width and length directions resulting in a very smooth film surface. *Since back up rolls are not used and the coating liquid is applied directly to the film, problems such a splattering are solved and[...]


[Japan]Rotary Die Cutting Tools(for Sanitary Products, Lithium Ion, Super Cap

Our Rotary Die Cutting Tools have the following characteristics. 1)Cemented carbide rotary die cutter *Important Contribution to productibity about the Cutting of an outline (Object of Work:Diapers,Sanitary,Nonferrous metals film) *Long tool life by using Special Carbide Material *Possible production size : Dia400×400mm 2)High Accuracy & High Rigidity Frame *Phase Construction (not 4 pillars) *The product is finished by grinding alone *No Clearance *Minimum Part of Construction[...]