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[Poland]Vision Systems

Cognex is the world's leader of vision systems production and integration. In the year 2005 Zapis Hardware Sp. z o.o. entered into the partner agreement with Cognex and became Cognex System Integrator. Vision systems are modern and dynamically expanding technology, used for remote testing of industrial products. They make possible quality control of shapes, measures, printed designs, reading of bar or matrix codes and ASCII code (OCR). They can measure lenght, diameter, distance between[...]


[Poland]Control switch – Joystick

CONTROL SWITCHES MJ Joysticks (return) are produced in 3 versions: MJ2 - 2-directions 2x(1NC+1NO) MJ4 - 4-directions 4x(1NC+1NO) MJ8 - 8-directions, omnidirectional 4x(1NC+1NO) Design modular, actuator and switch part separated. Deflection of stick approx. 12º. Mounting position: any. Switching element: with double-breaking spring contacts, self-clearing, contact AgNi 2 μm gold-plated, connection 2,8 x 0,5 mm solder any plug-in terminals combined. TECHNICAL DATA Operation temperature:[...]



[China]Single Phase Anti-tamper Energy Meter

The type ST12AT03 meter is a single phase residential electricity meter that provides utilities with high digital accuracy, reliability, serviceability and cost-effectiveness over the entire life cycle. It’s one of the most adaptable meters on the residential market, with anti-temper design and proof it can protect your investment. Key features: 1-phase 2-wire or 1-phase 3-wire network 220-240V 50 Hz reference voltage/frequency Or 120V 60Hz reference voltage/frequency 5A, 10A, 15A basic current,[...]


[China]Poly-Phase Multi-function Electricity Energy Meter

The type ST34a03 poly-phase meters provide a cost-effective solution for measuring active energy consumption in commercial and light industry applications. These meters offer the advantages of leading edge electronic metering technology, anti-tamper features and security data as standard. The meter can be supplied with either Class1.0 or Class 2.0 as defined by IEC 62053-21. This meter conform to IEC62053-21, IEC62052-11. Key features: 2-phase 3-wire network or 3 phase 4-wire network 3x127/220V[...]


[Poland]Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive Sensors: . Non-contact . Wear-free . No feedback . Bounce-free output signal . LED function display . Senses nearly any material Capacitive sensors detect the change in capacitance of an object when it enters the sensor's electrical field. This means a capacitive sensor can detect not only metal, but even non-conductors whose dielectric constants are sufficiently large. Properly selected, a capacitive sensor is also able to "see through" certain non-metallic materials. This[...]

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[Poland]Remote Sensors

Remote Sensors: . No supply voltage cables for sensors and transmitters necessary . The transmitter supplies energy to the sensors . Reliable signal transmission even under extreme ambient conditions The use of remote systems is a proven solution wherever hardwired sensors cannot be used, such as on indexing tables and interchangeable stamping heads. The sensors participate in the motion of the machine components to which they are attached. The sensors are wired to the transmitter. The[...]

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[Poland]Incremental Encoders

Incremental Encoders are devices for measuring speed and position in drive technology. HUEBNER HeavyDuty incremental encoders are characterized by the following excellent features: Robust construction with solid light alloy housing for high vibration and shock proof protection. Bearings at both ends of the shaft, where construction permits. Short-circuit proof power transistors with peak currents up to 300 mA for line driving over long cables with HTL-signals or optional TTL-signals to[...]

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[Poland]Submersible Vibration Sensor

Hansford Sensors Ltd. now offer a range of submersible vibration sensors, which has been specifically designed for operation in partial or complete immersion in water, making them ideal for the monitoring of pumps in a maintenance role. Hansford Sensors can provide a range of vibration sensors with either AC, velocity or 4-20mA outputs which are completely sealed to IP68 for operation in or under water. The range is also available in ATEX approved versions, with certification for operation in[...]


[Poland]Controllers SIGMA CONTROL

SIGMA CONTROL The PC-based "SIGMA CONTROL" precisely matches compressor power to compressed air demand. This leads to optimised energy efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and increases compressed air system reliability. With various communication possibilities, such as the standard Profibus interface, the SIGMA CONTROL is the perfect choice for compressor networking and interaction via the SIGMA AIR MANAGER compressed air management system. SIGMA CONTROL BASIC Increasing[...]

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[Poland]Sell Optoelectronic Sensors

Optoelectronic Sensors: . B a c k g r o u n d s u p p r e s s i o n . L i g h t b e a m f o c u s s i n g . T e a c h - i n f u n c t i o n . L a s e r l i g h t . D i s t a n c e m e a s u r e m e n t . S l o t s e n s o r s . L u m i n e s - c e n c e s e n s o r The wide-ranging optosensor line from Balluff finds applications in all areas of automation. Every series has its main strength and is an outstanding specialist in its area of application. Along with tubular[...]

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