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[Poland]Controllers SIGMA CONTROL

SIGMA CONTROL The PC-based "SIGMA CONTROL" precisely matches compressor power to compressed air demand. This leads to optimised energy efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and increases compressed air system reliability. With various communication possibilities, such as the standard Profibus interface, the SIGMA CONTROL is the perfect choice for compressor networking and interaction via the SIGMA AIR MANAGER compressed air management system. SIGMA CONTROL BASIC Increasing[...]

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[Poland]Sell Industrial RFID

Industrial RFID: . Non-contact data exchange . Read/write distances up to 100 mm . Read on-the-fly up to 240 m/min . No wear, no maintenance . Insensitive to contamination Balluff identification systems are indispensible tools for managing the flood of information in today's assembly operations. The right data at the right time at the right place: These demands are met by integrating the BIS system, as each material flow object. The code tag stores all the information about the object,[...]

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[Poland]Sell Analog Sensors

Analog Sensors: . Non-contact . Wear-free . Short-circuit protected . Function display with LED . Virtually unlimited life . Contamination insensitive . Reliable even under extreme conditions Balluff inductive sensors are used for controlling, regulating, automating, positioning and monitoring of work processes. They are rugged sensors which detect the presence of a metal part. They operate without contact and have an electronic output, i.e. they are wear-free. Applications include[...]

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[Poland]Sell Micropulse Transducers

Micropulse Transducers: . Non-contact and absolute . Strokes up to 3850 mm . No power required for passive sensing element . Resolution down to 0,002 mm . Rod-style rated to 600 bar . Analog and digital outputs available Balluff Micropulse transducers in the Profile housing, with their mechanical design, the high protection rating, and their ease of installation, are an alternative to linear transducers such as potentiometers, glass scales, and LVDTs. The linear sensing element is protected[...]

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[Poland]Sell Inductive Sensors

Inductive Sensors: . Background suppression . Light beam focussing . Teach-in function . Laser light . Distance measurement . Slot sensors . Lumines-cence sensor The wide-ranging optosensor line from Balluff finds applications in all areas of automation. Every series has its main strength and is an outstanding specialist in its area of application. Along with tubular housings from M12 to M30, in both metal and plastic, Balluff also offers a range of sensors in rigid, block-shaped[...]

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[Poland]Sell Optoelectronic Sensors

Optoelectronic Sensors: . B a c k g r o u n d s u p p r e s s i o n . L i g h t b e a m f o c u s s i n g . T e a c h - i n f u n c t i o n . L a s e r l i g h t . D i s t a n c e m e a s u r e m e n t . S l o t s e n s o r s . L u m i n e s - c e n c e s e n s o r The wide-ranging optosensor line from Balluff finds applications in all areas of automation. Every series has its main strength and is an outstanding specialist in its area of application. Along with tubular[...]

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[Poland]Microprocessor regulator

Microprocessor regulators with large set of measuring inputs. Transmitter, SSR, current outputs. Functions: autotuning, PID, platform, watch, blockade, RS 485. Simple operating and low price. We also offer computer program for remote registration of measurement and parameters configuration. Price of regulator: 369 PLN.[...]


[China]Deep groove ball bearings

1) Deep groove ball bearings 2) Main series: .6000 series, 6200 series, 6300 series, 6400 series 3) Inner diameter: 10 - 60mm 4) The bearings can be open, Z, ZZ, RS, 2RS, N, NR. 5) Widely used for the electrical household, electrical tools and machines 6) Material: chrome steel 7) Quality can reach to ABEC 1 ABEC3, Normal Class 6, P0 P6.[...]


[China]electric actuator

1、powerful function:intellectual type rate open-close type 2、small size:Only 35% of other products 3、light weight:Only 30% of other products 4、reliability:bearings and electric components used are made by famous maker in the international market 5、good looking:adc body and cover,fine and smooth 6、high strength:worm wheel and output shaft is made of sped alloy 7、no backlash:worm wheel and output shaft come one pieces 8、safety:AC1500(V) test,sped made[...]


[South Korea]Wheel Alignment

The world-first computer-less wheel alignment MA-888! .High precision with excellent profiles by world-first adoption of gravity sensor in optical mode. .Any defective factors are removed without inside piping by the world first all-in-one solution of gravity sensor,CPU and angle sensor. .Automatic charging is enabled by the automatic mounted on the Head Stand. .Without locational and spatial limit by development of RF communication system. .The whole jack-up is affordable to be available[...]