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[Russian Federation]Drilling rig

TD / TW 125 CA A6 Technical specifications TD/TW Hook max operating load 125 tf Drilling depth 4 ½ (24,7 kg/m) drill pipes 3000 m Well repairing operations with 2 7/8 (12.19 kg/m) drill pipes 7200 m Mast type MU 125 Mast clearance (ground to crownblock) 33.4 m Engine max output 600 HP[...]


[China]biomass dryer (SKYPE: rexxarmachine)

Now as energy shortage becomes a big concern of governments all over the world, governments encourage and support companies, universities, institutions to research energy issues. Biomass dryer emerges in recent years under such circumstances. With biomass dryer, many waste in agriculture and forestry in the past becomes now new energy supply after drying process, such as animal manure, sawdust, wood shaving, wood chips, forage, palm fiber, alfalfa, husk, straw, etc. There are several variations[...]


[China]bagasse dryer (SKYPE: rexxarmachine)

Bagasse has a high economic value. After drying process by bagasse dryer, it could be used to make shaving board, extract alcohol, make paper, make feed for chewer and make briquettes for heating. Bagasse dryer, namely rotary dryer, is composed of feeding system, heating system, driving system, drying system, dust collecting system, discharging system. Here is how bagasse dryer works. Bagasse is sent into rotating drum by feeder. As drum rotates, bagasse moves forward slowly. At the same time,[...]


[China]chicken manure dryer (SKYPE: rexxarmachine)

Introduction of chicken manure dryer Chicken manure dryer is to dry various cattle manure. The biggest feature is dust extraction and deodorization. It can reduce the moisture from 70%-80% to 13%. All the operation courses are under complete sealing which not only reduces the environment pollution, but also saves energy. Chicken manure dryer is a necessary equipment to produce organic fertilizer. Cattle manure turns into organic fertilizer after a series of dust extraction, purifying, drying,[...]


[China]Ingersoll-rand portable air compressor

Ingersoll-rand portable air compressor main datas Ingersoll Rand has a perfect business operational system, is committed to enhancing enterprise core areas, including strategic management, global leadership, innovation, customer value, life cycle management, and world-class operations; and has advanced talent management, is committed to the development of diversified talents, including training health development plan, job training, classroom training, and MBA courses offered by the Ingersoll[...]


[India]Alternators: Welding cum power generation

Alternators for welding power generation.[...]


[China]TCK Non-Destructive Wire Rope Inspection Instrument

TCK-BX portable wire rope testers adopt patented Weak Magnetism inspection technology and have been recognized as the solution to the problems of hidden dangers, waste, and low efficiency of wire rope applications. It is capable to correctly evaluate the residual bearing capacity and service life of in-service wire ropes by quantitatively detecting both internal and external flaws such as broken wires, corrosion, abrasion and fatigue. With this technical breakthrough in NDT technology, it is possible[...]



High-quality undercarriage parts such as track links, track shoes, track rollers, top rollers, idlers for various models of hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders and crawler dozers, etc. For details, pls contact us soon.[...]


[China]impact crusher

Impact Crusher Introduction Our company has introduced advanced technology at home and abroad to design and manufacture the up-to-date impact crusher in line with the specific industrial and mining conditions in China. The new impact crusher can be used for intermediate and fine crushing in the second and third grade. The impact crusher is designed with cubic shape and features convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving. It can achieve selective crushing. Impact Crusher[...]


[China]jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher introduction Dingsheng has endeavored to design and manufacture jaw crusher which is a type of highly-efficient and energy-saving crushing equipment. It is usually applied for coarse, intermediate and fine crushing of various rocks, including limestone, shale, basalt, pebble, bluestone, etc. The jaw crusher features simple structure, excellent strength, reliable performance, easy overhaul and maintenance, and low production and construction cost. Jaw Crusher Features 1. Crushing cavity[...]