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[India]Flexo Printing Machine

SENIOR Corrugation printing machine, Board Printer, Corrugated Printing Machine, Flexo printing machine, Carton Printing Machine SENIOR Flexo Printer is designed to help corrugated box manufacturers to keep pace with the demand for sharp and excellent printing on corrugated boxes. Incorporating the latest technology, Flexo Printer prints better and dries faster resulting in increased production.The transfer of image is accomplished through Rubber/Nylon/Photo polymer Stereo of 2.8 mm/4.7[...]


[India]Paper Corrugation Machine

Adhering to all the printing and packaging needs of our client's, Senior Print Pack Machinery Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of corrugated board, box making machinery and other allied machinery of packaging industry. We Senior Print-Pack Machinery Co., Continued relatively strong dedication to work and commitment to service have finally led us to emerge as one of the leaders. With years of experience in close tolerance machining & tight quality[...]


[Bulgaria]Handkerchiefs Making Machine SPH-1

This line for handkerchiefs producing consists of different sections, which work jointly: - Rewinding section - Embossing section - Printing section (optional) - Folding section, including counting unit, scenting unit - Conveyor to carry the napkins to the packing section - Packing section - Labeling section - Perforating section - Vacuum section - Operating Control System The system is able to control: 1. Machine speed; 2. Automatically detection of paper break and paper[...]


[India]Toilet Roll Making Machine

Model Toilet Roll Making Machine with Embossing Size 100cm working Slitting distance 99 mm Cutter 10 Rotary Cutter with Holder & Bottom Perforation Repeat on 110 mm above Maximum rewind 200mm Motor 2 HP DC Motor with thyrister control drive Speed 2,500 to 2,800 Rolls/8 Hrs/100gm Unwind Station One Man Power One Operator & 1 Packer Raw Material 14 to 26 Gsm.(2ply) Maximum Unwind Dia 1200 mm Max Counting Auto cut Digitally Counting Embossing Attachment with mechanical[...]


[India]Corrugation Machine

The oblique high speed model offers a high rate of production and enhanced efficiency. The flute rollers mounted on the roller bearings, for smoother running and longer life, impart the proper impression on the board. Dancing rolls are provided to eliminate the effect of improper winding of paper on the finished product. The machine is provided with motorized self loading twin shaft reel stand with 3 unwinding shafts. Shaftless hydraulic reel stand is recommended for this machine. The machine is[...]


[India]Paper Bag Making Machine

paper bag making machine is designed to manufacture flat and satchel paper bags from kraft paper, greaseproof, white paper and poster paper etc. in different size for packing confectionery, food stuff, ready-made garments, tobacco, tea powder grocery, dry cleaners etc. general feature : paper bag making machine is made of rigid and robust construction to avoid vibration. all paper are arranged in most accessible way thus making operation and adjustment very simple and quick so that even an unskilled[...]


[India]Paper Napkin Machine

Each Printing Unit Consits of Stereo Cylinder Changable from 9" - 13" Forward and Backward Adjustment. One Ink Roller Dipped in Duct. One Ink Carrying Roller could be adjustable for the required ink. Embossing Unit One Hard Chrome Plated Design Roller. One Bowl Paper Roller. Folding Unit Rotary Cutting System. One Drum. Stacking Plate Form. Automatic Electronics Counter.[...]


[India]Die Cutting Machine

Die Cutting Machine or Platen Punching & Creasing Press particularly designed for Die Cutting, Scoring and Creasing Work on PAPER, LINOLEUM, CARD-BOARD, CORRUGATED BOARD, FIREBOARD, CORK, LEATHER, PLASTIC AND PVC MATERIALS etc. Most Handsome and compact patronized Model requires Minimum Flooe-Space. Minimum "Make-Ready" Time and provides sufficient hourly production The very sturdy construction of "FRIENDS" Die Cutting Machine or Platen Punching & Creasing Press guarantees[...]


[Israel]Semi-Automatic Toilet Paper machine -Rewinder Tissue converting

Semi Automatic Rewinder machine convert jumbo (industrial) toilet rolls into small toilet paper rolls, kitchen towels and bed sheets for house hold & hospital and other uses. - All the machines are with perforation & standard embossing. - We produce the Rewinder machine in widths of 2700 mm 2300mm Or other size- up to the clients request. 2300 mm Rewinder can produce around the 35.000 pcs per 8 hours. 2700 mm Rewinder can produce around the 45.000 pcs per 8 hours - The weight[...]


[China]Toilet Roll Machine/Toilet Paper Machine/Toilet Paper Rewinder(máquina del papel higiénico)

full-automatic Toilet Roll Machine/Toilet Paper Machine/Toilet Paper Rewinder Full-automatic Rewinding Embossing Perforating Toilet Paper Machine can realize automatic replacement of paper tube(or coreless automatic roll paper), automatic spraying of glue, trimming, improve product quality. Each piece of machine can produce rolled toilet paper(toilet paper roll) with core inside it, or can produce coreless Toilet Paper Roll; each piece of machine can be equipped with 1 set of embossing roller(so[...]