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Category: Apparel & Fashion -> Machinery for textile industry

Country: China

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[China]rotor for Elitex BD/BT spinning machinery

rotor cup treatment: anodize. rotor bearing: 40000rpm, 60000rpm, 80000rpm For Elitex BD200R/RC/RN/S/SN, BDA10N, BD20N, BDSI, BDA, etc.[...]


[China]Surgical gauze weaving machine

Our this type of air jet loom is specially designed to weave medical gauze or cotton gauze. Traditionally, gauze is produced on shuttle loom or rapier loom. But their production efficiency is pretty low, and high labor cost. With our new air jet loom for gauze, such problem will be long gone. Weaving Speed: 500RPM Output: above 800 meters/24hrs Labor: 1 worker can handle 4-8 sets Power consumption: low Yarn range: 20s-40s[...]


[China]Needle plate

We have manufactured over 300 kinds of needle plates,if you need them,please contact us.[...]


[China]Looper for quilting machine

This looper is used on Gribetz machine.We have manufactured over 400 kinds of loopers now. If you need them,please contact us.[...]


[China]Taifan brand pattern wheel knitting machine

PATTERN WHEEL KNITTING MACHINE SERIES SPECIFICATION CYLINDER DIA. GUAGE FEEDER TF-SPW 18”-34” 18G-24G 38F-72F TF-FTWL 30”-38” 18G-24G 48F-60F TF-SPW30” 30”-34” 18G-24G 60F-72F DOUBLE KNIT PATTERN WHEEL KNITTING MACHINE (TF-DPW) This machine fits to weave jacquard fabric、twill cloth、PK cloth and plain cloth. Easy to operate, it's double using of interchange triangle and jacquard weave.[...]


[China]Terry knitting machine

TERRY KNITTING MACHINE SERIES SPECIFICATION CYLINDER DIA. GUAGE FEEDER TF-SPL2 26”-34” 14G-24G 52F-68F TF-SPLK2 26”-34” 14G-24G 52F-68F TF-SML2 26”-34” 14G-24G 42F-54F TERRY KNITTING MACHINE (TF-SPL2) The machine fits to weave Chromspun, electron velvet、Uncut velvet、Loop velvet、single or double nylex、double brush felt、poodle cloth、colorful cloth and so on. excellences. At the same time, it be mixed polyester fabric fittings, can weave spring LYLRA cloth.[...]


[China]Taifan brand double jersey knitting machine

INTERLOCK (DOUBLE KNIT)KNITTING MACHINE SERIES SPECIFICATION CYLINDER DIA. GUAGE FEEDER TF-D2F2 16”-40” 16G-35G 48F-108F TF-D2F4 16”-40” 16G-32G 36F-84F 42F-96F INTERLOCK (DOUBLE KNIT)KNITTNG MACINE (TF-D2F4) The machine fits to weave twill、air layer、interlayer、padded-bubble、stair cloth、Double PK cloth、silk、rib cloth and small jacquard cloth and so on. It's a double-side machine with the cams transform、convenient、easy, high speed of transform and high efficiency.[...]


[China]Single jersey knitting machine

TAIFAN company sole-invested by Taiwan businessman specializing in the manufacture of big circular knitting machine. Company imported Japan and Germany advanced producing and processing equipments, inspection machines and sophisticated research technology in our knitting machines field. and fetches in computer-control lath, computer engraving machine, hobbing machine, tank washing-through machine and computer horizontal &vertical processing center etc. We can guarantee function of machines[...]


[China]The 18th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Textile Machinery (YiwuTex 2017)

YiwuTex 2017 features three thematic zones – Functional Knitting Zone, Smart Apparel Zone and Digital Printing Zone. With the core value of Industry 4.0, we keep following innovative yarn and its applications, whist giving a brand new focus on the technology of healthcare textiles, prospective of the future Chinese factory and the application of data management into factory control, thus helping garment manufacturers in Zhejiang Province to enhance productivity and to save cost.[...]


[China]The 18th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2017)

The 18th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ShanghaiTex 2017) focuses on the world’s latest innovative textile technology, high-growth application sectors and cross-border technology, thereby assisting industry to overcome challenges and spark new opportunities on the way to industry 4.0. In response to the "Customization" trend, ShanghaiTex 2017 contributes to the progressive realization of industry 4.0 through promotion of advancement in production, digitalization,[...]