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[India]riveting tools

TOOLS: *Hand Operated Blind Riveting Tools And Pliers *Hydro Pneumatic Blind Riveting Tools *Hand Operated Blind Nut Tools *Pneumatic Blind Nut Tools *Hydro Pneumatic Blind Nut Tools *Cable Tie Tools .[...]


[India]Stonr cutting tools

We are in trade of all the natural stone like marble, Granite, Lime stones cutting tools. We can supply the tools 1. Wire saw beads for marble 2. Rubber coated wire saw chain for granite 3. Gang saw segment 4. Circular saw blade from 300mm dia. to 3000mm dia[...]


[India]Hydraulic Tongs

NOV Sara Tongs are available in a variety of models, sizes and types to handle casings, drill collars, sucker rods and tubing including chrome tubulars and can be supplied with hydraulic or manual backup assemblies.[...]


[India]Hammer Unions

Material NOV Sara unions are manufactured from steel forgings using materials appropriate to specific pressure ratings. End Connections NOV Sara Unions are available in a choice of end connections. API line pipe threads are standard. Butt weld ends and Socket weld ends can be provided. The customer shall specify the schedule of pipe while ordering. Sour Services Sour service is available and all H2S service parts of NOV Sara unions conform to the latest NACE specifications. Low Temperature[...]


[India]Swivel Joints

Available in sizes 3/4" through 3" up to 15,000 PSI non-shock cold working pressure, NOV Sara Swivel Joints offer the following features: Minimum flow restriction Heavy duty hex head style ball loading plug Grease retainer ring (ensures clean ball race) Standard packing units (operating temperature to 2250 F) Superior hardened ball races ensure uniform surface hardness and depth for longer life under severe thrust and radial loading Standard Swivel Joints are provided[...]


[India]Gear Hob, Gear Cutter, Involute Gear Cutter, hob cutter, Milling Cutter, Module Cutter, DP Cutter,

We are manufacture & exporter of Gear Hob, Gear Cutter, Involute Gear Cutter, hob cutter, Gear Shaper Cutter, Gear Shaving Cutter, Disk type Gear Cutter, Shank Type Gear Cutter, Milling Cutter, Module Cutter, DP Cutter, CP Cutter, Gear Cutting Tools, Spline Hob, Worm Gear Hob, Sprocket Hob, Involute Gear Hob, Serration Hob, hobbing cutter, Broach, Pull type broach, Push type broach, Internal hole broach, Key way broach, Spline Broach, Serration broach[...]



We are Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of : 1 Automatic Centre Punch 2 Brass Punches (Non Sparking) 3 Centre Punches 4 Centre Punches (Round and Square) 5 Drive Pin Punches (6 Inch Long) 6 Drive Pin Punches (4 Inch Long) 7 Long Drive Pin Punches (8 Inch Long) 8 Nail Punches 9 Parallel Pin Punches (Short Reach) 10 Parallel Pin Punches (Long Reach) 11 Leather Punches (Hollow Punches) 12 Letter and Number Sets (Letter and Figure Sets) (Steel Stamps)[...]


[India]Vices and Clamps

We are Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of : For more details vist us at VICES AND CLAMPS 1 C or G Clamp (Drop Forged) 2 C or G Clamp (Ductile) 3 C or G Clamp (Sheeted) (Welded / Pressed) 4 F Clamp (Bar Cramps) 5 T Bar Cramps 6 Corner Clamp 7 Parallel Clamps (Tool Maker's) 8 Chain Pipe Vice 9 Pioneer Vice With Stand 10 Pipe Vice Self Locking 11 Pipe Vice Self Locking With Stand 12 2 PC Milling Machine Vice 13 Milling Machine[...]


[India]Lubrication Equipments

We are Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of : For more details vist us at LUBRICATION EQUIPMENTS 1 Aluminium Oil Glass Window 2 Oil Windows 3 Drop Sight Feed Oil Lubrication 4 Grease Cups (Moto Type) 5 Grease Cups (Nut Type) 6 Pin Type Grease Nipple 7 Press Button Oiler (Drive Fit) 8 Oil Hole Cover (Drive Fit) 9 Spring Lid Oil Cups and Elbow Oiler 10 Spring Lid Small Olier 11 Grease Guns (Lever Type) 12 Grease Guns (Lever[...]


[India]Hand Tools

We are Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of : For more details vist us at DIY / HAND TOOLS / STRIKING TOOLS Hammers Spanners Wrenches and Pliers Cutter and Pincers Chisels and Wrecking Bars HAMMERS 1 Ball Pein Hammer 2 Chaser Hammer 3 Chipping Hammer Tubular Handles Spring Handle 4 Claw Hammer Wooden Handle Steel Shaft with Rubber Grip 5 Lady Claw Hammer[...]