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[Italy]Vacuum pumping group

New POLO Vacuum pumping group composed by: 1. Vacuum pump (displacement from 10m3/h to 21m3/h - 170 l/m to 350 l/m) 2. Digital vacuum gauge for the indication of the level of vacuum; 3. Pirani head; 4. Exhaust filter to trap the oil moixture; 5. Condensate separator to protect the vacuum pump from the water vapor; 6. Special flanges with pirani port and connection for two pipes to make vacuum at the same time to two units.[...]


[China]Pump Parts

our company produce Bracket hydraulic pressure pump Buckets Teeth Forked parts Parts of forklift replacement and other products.[...]


[China]DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump

DBY series electric diaphragm pumps are driven with cycloid needle gear reducer in stead of traditional worm & wheel mechanism, widely used for leak proof application in industries like petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy and ceramics etc..[...]


[China]GSJH Double Stage Process Pump

GSJH Double Stage Process Pump Type GSJH pumps, designed in accordance with API610, are double stage horizontal radial split volute casing pumps. Ideal for applications to high temperature, high pressure and inflammable, explosive or toxic liquids. Packing box equipped with cooling and heating pipes and the shaft sealing, either in packing or mechanical seals, shall be equipped with cooling and rinsing systems. Suction and discharge flanges share the same pressure rating ANSI300 Class, up[...]


[China]2BEA LRV Compressor Systems

2BEA LRV Compressor Systems ZIBO Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and compressors, as the most efficient and biggest vacuum equipment in China first designed and manufactured by V-FLO Pumps & Systems more than 40 years ago, are now widely used in all major industries like Power Plant, Metallurgy, Chemical and petroleum, Refineries and so on.[...]


[China]industrial air compressor

manufacturer of screw air compressors of a wide range of capacity and power. 1. Success Engine air compressor have got ISO9001,CE,ASME,UL certificates and are exported to many countries, such as England, Italy, Canada, USA, Russian and so on 2. Success Engine air compressor power: 4---500kw (5---700HP); Pressure: 6----15bar. We also supply VSD air compressor (Variable Speed Drive), special air compressor, air compressor system, its auxiliary facilities (air dryers, filters and[...]


[Poland]Activated Carbon Adsorber

Technical Specification ACT series Airflows: 1.17 to 154.53 m³/min Area of application For low maintenance high air quality, fit an ACT activated carbon adsorber to remove any remaining oil vapour after the applicable air drying and pre-filtration processes. The result is really high compressed air quality. Important features and advantages: * Remaining oil content up to 0.003 mg/m³. Considerably less than the limit for Class 1 in accordance with ISO 8573-1. * Long activated[...]

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[Poland]Pure Air System

Technical specification Series: DA Flow rate: 1.15 to 154.53 m³/min Pressure dewpoint: down to -70 °C The KAESER Pure Air System is able to achieve a high degree of cleanliness and dryness in compressed air. The system comprises a centrifugal separator, a microfilter, a prefilter (as additional security), a heatless regenerated desiccant dryer, an activated carbon adsorber and a particulate filter all built into a common housing and interconnected for instant use. Class 1 purity to ISO[...]

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[Poland]Breathing Air System

Technical specification Series: DAP Flow rate: 0.15 to 13.33 m3/min Compressed air may be used for breathing only after it has been correctly treated. It may not contain any contaminants such as moisture, solid particles, oil or oil vapors, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide or hydrocarbons. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous as even in minute quantities it quickly causes disorientation and incapacity. The KAESER breathing air system meets all the quality[...]

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[Poland]Centrifugal Separators

Technical specification Series: ZK Flow rate: 2.0 to 118.3 m³/min The centrifugal separator removes moisture droplets carried in the compressed air. A deflector plate on the air inlet causes the air to swirl in a cyclonic fashion. The resulting centrifugal force deposits liquid droplets and solid particles on the container wall where they coalesce and flow down into the collecting chamber. The air leaving the separator is free of condensate and has a relative humidity of almost 100%. The[...]

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