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[China]Sanitary centrifugal pump

Application of range: Used for liquid delivery such as liquid, alcohol, beer, beverage etc. Features: 1. Rep; Ace dynamic mechanical sealing by welding isolative sleeve, so that avoid the leaking problem completely. 2. Simple structure, easy to dismantle, easy to clean, no dead angle. Description of selection: 1. Working temperature: -20-150 degree. 2. Working conditons: Hygienic centrifugal magnetic pump belongs to high and low liquid level and horizontal delivery, non self-priming[...]


[Austria]oil free compressor Atlas Copco ZR 315

315 kW, max. 7,5 bar, 51,2 m3/min, Year 2001.[...]


[Austria]compressor Atlas Copco GA 90

90 kW, max. 10 bar, 12,5 m3/min.[...]


[Austria]compressor Kaeser DS 170

90 kW, max. 7,5 bar, 16,5 m3/min.[...]



Zirconia Oxide(Structural ceramics)-also named engineering ceramics, has excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Good performance on hardness and strength. It has the following properties: High strength and fracture toughness High hardness and density Stability, wear and corrosion resistance Ultra-smooth surface, low friction coefficient Modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion coefficient similar to steel[...]



DYB SERIES ELECTRIC TRANSFER PUMPS 1.DYB series self-priming rotary vane pumps features a mechanical seal that guarantees constant reliablity,even in low temperatures. 2.Cast iron pump casing, treated against corrosion and paint-finished. Vane Pump with steel rotor 3.Bypass valve built into pump casing 4.In-built 100 micron filter,easily accessible for cleaning 5.Induction motor with aluminum casing.Grade of protection: IP 55 6.Continuous running. 7.Threaded joints on pump casing 1.MODEL:[...]


[China]SINO-NSH LV Lubrication Oil Purifier,Oil Treatment,Oil Filtration,Oil Recycling Equipment

Application LV series oil purifier are suitable especially for purifying and restoring hydraulic oil, machine oil, coolant oil and various other lubrication oil. The most breakdown of machinery which has lubrication oil system results from contaminated lubrication in which has water, gas, impurities etc. LV series can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication oil and improve properties of lubricating oil so as to greatly extend lifetime of machinery which has[...]


[China]seal face/bushing

Product Description Standard or non-standard bushing/sleeve/bearing, tailor-made parts according to the customers'drawings or samples. Materials include, Silicon Carbide (SSIC & SiCRB), Tungsten Carbide (6% Nickel TC & 6% Cobalt TC), Carbon Graphite (resin-impregnated & metal-inpregnated), Aluminium oxide ceramic, etc.[...]


[China]Elastomer Parts

We offer elastomer bellows, o-rings or cup rings, as flexible members to mechanical seals. Viton, EPDM, NBR and other materials are available upon request.[...]


[China]mechanical seals

Product Description Our products are Mechanical Seals, Elastomer bellows seals, single spring seals, Teflon wedge seals, pusher design seal, metal bellows seals, cartridge seals, etc. Various kinds of mechanical seals. Including, rubber bellows seals, pusher seals, PTFE wedge seals, metal bellows seals, cartridge seals, etc. The seals are available in various material combinations, and in both metric and inch sizes. We also do tailor-made seals according to the customers' drawings and specs.[...]