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[China]GMT Tooling

MDC specialties in SMC molding / BMC mold / GMT mold / LFT/ mold / SymaLITE mold / CFRP mold. Automotive: Suspension parts: front and rear bumper, dashboard etc. Car body parts: shell, shell roof, floor, car door, spoiler, sunshade cover, luggage cover plate, engine cover, seat, headlamp reflector. Engine cover parts: air conditioner case, wind guide cover, intake pipe cover, fan ring, heater cover, water tank parts, brake system parts, battery bracket, engine Noise damping pan. Transportation:[...]


[China]Mabuchi Standard DC Motors

Mabuchi Standard DC Motors The models of Mabuchi Standard DC Motors we can supply as follows: FA-130RA RF-020TH FC-130RA/SA RF-130CH FC-140RE/SE RF-300EA FC-260SA RF-300FA FC-280PC/SC RF-310TA FC-280SA RF-330TK FF-030SC RF-370CA FF-050SB RF-370CB FF-130RH/SH RF-400CA FF-170PA RF-500TB FF-180PH/SH RF-J20WA FF-260PA RF-N60CA FF-K10WA RK-370CA FF-K20WD RK-370CC FF-K30WD RS-360SH FF-M10VA RS-365PD/SD FF-M20VA/VK RS-365PH FF-N10WA RS-365SH FF-N20PA RS-380PH FF-N30VB RS-380SH FK-050SH RS-385PH FK-130RH/SH RS-385SD FK-180SH RS-385SH FK-260SA RS-445PA/PD FK-280PA/SA RS-455PA GA-558RN/LN RS-4A5PA JC/LC-578VA RS-4B5PA RC-260RA RS-540SH RC-280SA RS-545PH RE-140RA RS-545SH RE-260RA RS-550PC/VC RE-280RA/SA RS-555PC/VC RZ-8BAWA RS-555PX/VX SF-136SA RS-755VC/WC SF-266SA RS-775VC/WC SF-266SH RT-8B7WA SH-030SA RZ-735VA SZ-286WA SZ-466WB SZ-446WA Other[...]


[China]narrow v belts

Specially suitable for transmission devices of motive force in hard conditions;such as large power and high impact applications .Compact, with high working speed transmission and transmission of general motive force. We have the following type: SPZ/XPZ;SPA/XPA;.SPB/XPB;SPC/XPC;3V/3VX (9N); 5V/5VX (15N);8V/8VX (25N)[...]


[Italy]Shaded Pole Fan Motors

Single phase, 4 pole, shaded pole motors, 220-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1300 r.p.m. suitable for operation in all positions. Motors are available both in closed (IP32 or in open (IP22) construction; end shields are in die cast aluminium alloy; the carbon steel shafts are supported by self aligning permanently lubricated sintered sleeve bearings with lubricant reservoir. Insulation is class B suitable for operation with ambient temperatures from -30° to +43°C. The standard version is equipped with two single[...]


[China]diesel engines

We supply all kinds of single-cylinder diesel engine of brand “JD”, “Lutian” and “Kama”, including direct injection and swirl, hand cranking and motor starting, evaporative and radiator, power from 3hp to 30hp. All the models we offered have gotten ISO9001:2000 approval.[...]


[China]gasoline engine

We supply gasoline engine of brand “Lutian” and “Kama”, which model include LT-168F of 5.5hp, LT-173F of 8hp, LT-177F of 9hp, LT-182F of 11hp, LT-188F of 13hp; KG160 of 4hp, KG200 of 5hp, KG270 of 7hp, KG390 of 9.5hp, and so on. The models above all meet ISO9001:2000 approval.[...]


[China]Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings Description Specifications: a) High quality and low noise bearings b) Quality standards: ABEC1, ABEC5, ABEC3, ABEC7 c) Extensively used in: Household appliances Automobiles Motorcycles Power tools ... The TL production range comprehends over 6000 bearings types for more than 20000000 pieces/ year production. ... mounted bearing unit,Thrust ball bearings,spherical roller bearings China bearings ,Deep Groove Ball Bearings,Special Bearings,Automobile Bearings,Needle Bearings[...]



Ductile iron casting, S.G. casting and Gray iron casting : pump, flange, hydraulic valve, pipe and fitting, manhole cover, frame stove, fireplace, ornamentals and so on, weight from 0.2KG/PC to 4000KG/PC. any further information,Pls feel free to contact[...]


[Poland]DC Servo motors - MSS Series

DC Servo motors MSS Series • Ratings to 6,000 RPM. • Compact Length. • Zero Cogging. • Acceleration Torques to 10 x Rated. MAVILOR's axial air gap dish armature is specially suited for high response servo drives. High and smooth torque to inertia ratio, non cogging torque low speed velocity control makes MAVILOR the motor of choice for the most exacting applications. The MAVILOR MSS Series servomotors provide a 20% increase in power to weight and volume ratios and a 20% increase[...]


[China]YC SERIES electric motor

YC Series Heavy-duty single-phase motors are suitable for small size machine tools and water pumps, especially for family workshops where only single-phase power supply is available. Motors of this series are integrated with up-to-date design, manufacture with the best quality materials, possess the features of pleasant-looking appearance ,and meet the IEC standard. YC series motors are of IP44 totally enclosed fan-cooling type, rated outputs is 3HP or below, capacitor starting, Within rated voltage[...]