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[China]Mabuchi Standard DC Motors

Mabuchi Standard DC Motors The models of Mabuchi Standard DC Motors we can supply as follows: FA-130RA RF-020TH FC-130RA/SA RF-130CH FC-140RE/SE RF-300EA FC-260SA RF-300FA FC-280PC/SC RF-310TA FC-280SA RF-330TK FF-030SC RF-370CA FF-050SB RF-370CB FF-130RH/SH RF-400CA FF-170PA RF-500TB FF-180PH/SH RF-J20WA FF-260PA RF-N60CA FF-K10WA RK-370CA FF-K20WD RK-370CC FF-K30WD RS-360SH FF-M10VA RS-365PD/SD FF-M20VA/VK RS-365PH FF-N10WA RS-365SH FF-N20PA RS-380PH FF-N30VB RS-380SH FK-050SH RS-385PH FK-130RH/SH RS-385SD FK-180SH RS-385SH FK-260SA RS-445PA/PD FK-280PA/SA RS-455PA GA-558RN/LN RS-4A5PA JC/LC-578VA RS-4B5PA RC-260RA RS-540SH RC-280SA RS-545PH RE-140RA RS-545SH RE-260RA RS-550PC/VC RE-280RA/SA RS-555PC/VC RZ-8BAWA RS-555PX/VX SF-136SA RS-755VC/WC SF-266SA RS-775VC/WC SF-266SH RT-8B7WA SH-030SA RZ-735VA SZ-286WA SZ-466WB SZ-446WA Other[...]


[China]Ml Series Electric Motor

Features: 1) With good performance, safe and reliable operation, nice appearance 2) Can be maintained very conveniently while with low noise, little vibration, light weight and simple construction 3) Motor with IEC standard 4) ML series single-phase asynchronous motor with aluminum housing 5) IP55 protection (IP54 on request) 6) Choice of foot or flange mounting 7) Motor frame size: 71-112 8) Class F insulation 9) With aluminum housing motor 10) Detailed information available upon requests[...]


[China]Y2 Series Three Phase Motor

Features: 1) Y2 3-phase induction motors possess sophisticated features, such as new construction, good-looking appearance, low vibration, low noise economization on power materials and consumption, with IEC standards 2) 3-phase asynchronous induction motor 3) Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) 4) IP55 or IP54 5) Class F 6) Frame No.: 63-280 7) Interchangeable foot mounting and flange mounting 8) Cast iron 9) 220V/380V, 380V/660V, 220V/440V, 50Hz, 60Hz models available upon requests 10)[...]


[China]Ms Series Three Phase Electric Motor

Features: 1) 3-phase, MS series aluminum housing motors are acknowledged as having a good fame for quality and reliability 2) Suitable for driving machines which do not have special requirements, such as machine tools, pumps, blowers with IEC standard 3) MS 3-phase motor with aluminum motor housing 4) IP55 protection (IP54 if required) 5) Interchangeable foot mounting and flange mounting 6) Frame sizes: 56-132 2, 4 and 6 poles 7) Class F insulation 8) 220V/380V, 380V/660V, 400V/690V,[...]


[China]lawnmower motor

220v, 50/60Hz, 800W-1500W,2800RPM, 10uf Capacitor.[...]


[China]Y series three phase induction motor

It comply with IEC standard, are newly-designed unified series in China, featured in small size, light weight, low vibration and easily-- starting-up, high efficiency and reliability. They are suitable to be used where there is no inflammable, explosive or corrosive gas, or where there is no special request in machines, such as metal cutting machines, pump, blower, transportation machines, beater, agriculture machines, food machine, etc and other derived product design is available if special request[...]


[China]Y2 series three phase induction motor

The motor is renewal and upgrading product of Y series motor, with the characteristic of new designed, beautiful modelling, low noise etc. Its terminal box lies on the top or the side of frame. The classification of power and mounting dimension comply with IEC recommendation. The standard motors have one shafe extension,but two shaft extensions may be on request,The second shaft ectension can drive rated load, but connects load by coupling only.provided motors with other rated outputs,voltages,freuencys,degree[...]


[China]YD series pole-changing multi-speed three phase induction motor

For YD series motors, there are many distinguished features, small size, light weight, satisfactory performance, easy to control and reliable in operation, as compared with the JD02 series YD motors have higher efficiency, higher power factor, higher starting performance and reduced level of noise and vibration. The YD series pole-changing motors are suitable for driving general purpose or special combination machine tools, blowers, pumps and other kinds of devices whose speed needs to be changed.[...]


[China]Y、YKK Middle-sized High-voltage Three-phase Induction Motor

It can run under 6kV、10kV electric network. without intermediate transformer , featured in cost saving ,low energy consumption, easy operation, etc, suitable for axis driving machines, they are widely used in various fields, such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum industry and mining machines. The products are box-structure and mixed ventilation system , featured in nice looking, high efficiency, small size, low noise and vibration. This product can match international advanced level and[...]


[Italy]Shaded Pole Fan Motors

Single phase, 4 pole, shaded pole motors, 220-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1300 r.p.m. suitable for operation in all positions. Motors are available both in closed (IP32 or in open (IP22) construction; end shields are in die cast aluminium alloy; the carbon steel shafts are supported by self aligning permanently lubricated sintered sleeve bearings with lubricant reservoir. Insulation is class B suitable for operation with ambient temperatures from -30° to +43°C. The standard version is equipped with two single[...]