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Category: Medicine, Health & Beauty

Country: Israel

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[Israel]Soothing Eye Balm Rose and Carrot

Rich and soothing natural balm to nurture the under-eye skin. Contains herbal essences to moisturize and nourish this delicate area. Helps reduce puffiness, blemishes, wrinkles and signs of fatigue. A gel rich in Dog Rose Hip and Carrot oils that restore a youthful look to the eye area. Contains Absolute Rose Oil and is enriched with pure essential oils: Rosewood, Calendula, French Lavender, Sandalwood and Chamomile[...]


[Israel]Natural Soap

Our soap products are hand made with olive oil as a base and contain aromatic oils and herbs such as: Palm, chamomile, coconut, green tea, lemon grass, ylang-ylang, patchouli, geranium, lavender, etc.[...]


[Israel]Nourishing Cream Rosehip And Vanilla

An extra rich cream for very dry and damaged skin, containing concentrated herbal and essential oils for the treatment and nourishment of tired, worn-out skin, as well as a high content of Rosehip Oil. A unique formula combining aromatic oils that rejuvenate the cells, prevent aging, providing the skin optimal moisture and improving its suppleness.[...]


[Israel]Moisturizing Facial Oil 80% Rose Hip, Carrot And Vitamin E

Extra rich aromatic oil for dry, very dry and blemished skin, for maximal nourishment and moisturizing. Contains 80% rose hip oil to diminish wrinkles and improve the complexion. Natural sesame oil nourishes the skin and preserves its moisture. Contains calendula, vitamin e and essential oils: Geranium, french lavender, rosewood, sandalwood, patchouli and ylang ylang.[...]


[Israel]Rich Moisturizing Cream Geranium And French Lavender

Day cream for normal to dry skin. Contains rich nourishing herbal oils, moisturizes with non-saturated oleic acids and protects the skin from oxidation and aging. Enriched with rose hip oil and rose absolute oil. Contains: Vitamin e, a powerful natural anti-oxidant preventing skin aging and essential oils: Geranium, french lavender, rosewood.[...]


[Israel]HygienePlus - intimate wash foam

Milky-tender foam for delicate skin cleansing in the intimate areas of the body. The packaging is similar to Clarity plus foam – it is a plastic bottle containing greenish liquid. Convenient vacuum dispenser produces soft white foam on demand and protects the content from spillage, water and bacteria. It is easier to use than soap and much more friendlier to the skin. In addition, this foam is more hygienic to share than bar soaps, since no bacteria can enter the packaging. The foam contains[...]


[Israel]Therapeutic mud shampoo against dandruff and hair loss.

The concentrated therapeutic mud shampoo against dandruff and hair loss is also effective in cases of other hair and scalp problems. It is based upon medicinal mud and minerals from the Dead Sea. The therapeutic mud shampoo has no analogues around the world. It is used by perfectly healthy people for prevention as well as people who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, dermatitis, various allergies, scaling and irritations. The shampoo possesses effective anti-bacterial qualities. Constant use[...]


[Israel]Therapeutic Dead Sea salts with eucalyptus oil

Produced by "Aroma Dead Sea", the salts contain 26 different minerals. Salt baths promote relaxation and calm down the nervous system, relieve muscle and joint pains. The salt baths are especially effective for those who suffer from various skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea, scaling and various inflammatory processes. In addition to natural therapeutic salts we offer a wide range of salts enriched with natural medicinal oils, plant and flower additives which[...]


[Israel]Balloon Catheters

Das Electonics offers the following top quality silicon catheters: * Embolectomy Catheter * Occlusion Catheter * Irrigation Catheter * Biliary Catheter * Thrombectomy Catheter * Bi-Lumen Irrigation Embolectomy Catheter[...]


[Israel]Urine test strips

Urine test strips that range from one Parameter up to 11 parameters . it has all the quality needed certificates it has an Analyzer machine optional[...]