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Category: Metalurgy

Country: Italy

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[Italy]Holding Furnaces for low pressure aluminium-magnesium casting

The basin holding furnace has a capacity from kg 500 to Kg. 1.500 and it is foreseen for an use up to a pressure of 2 bar. Translation and raising system The furnace is mounted on a trolley with wheels, moved by an hydraulic cylinder, that allow translation outside of the perimeter of the framework for maintenance operations. The connection with mold bush is assured by the furnace lifting, 250 mm stroke, carried out by four large diameter screwssimultaneously operatedby chain transmission[...]


[Italy]Proportional valve for low pressure casting machines

It is available also as an accessory for all other existing holding furnaces. Fornace pressurisation control composed of a proportional command valve, analogical pressare transducer and regulating instrument. Possibility of setting cycles with 8 fields of pressure variation. PID control and automatic compensation of the reduction of the metal level in the furnace. Graphic display of work conditions and of the deviation of the real furnace pressure from the theoretical value. File[...]


[Italy]Low pressure aluminium-magnesium casting machine

Our machines are designed and realized to produce, by low pressure system, aluminium and magnesium components as automotive, naval and aerospace structural parts. In respect of the different characteristics of the used mould the machine can be fitted for reaching the optimal performances in cycle-time and quality terms. The plant is composed as follows: Tubular steel frame Press to move the mould Holding furnace Mould cooling circuits Hydraulic circuit Electrical and control boards[...]


[Italy]Sell used boltmaker 4 dies

NEDSCHROEF Mod.BRK 2, built in 2000, max.wire diameter 8 mm, max.length underhead 80 mm.Production per minute 200 strokes. Machine in very good conditions and complete with all attachments.[...]


[Italy]Slotting Machinery Tools (Slotters)

RACK AND PINION SYSTEM RAM DRIVE The natural evolution of the technology had allowed to conceive these heavy duty Slotting Machines equipped with CNC on the 4 working axes. A very innovation solution is the controlled Z axis on the models CAMS 500E, 500EA and 500EA(850). CNC system on the 4th cutting axis is offering many considerable advantages, as follows: - drastic reduction of the setting time; - significant inprovement of quality of the cutting motion. In fact the Brushless motor drive[...]


[Italy]Metal shelving

Storage Systems Ideal partner for the largest companies specializing in the design and implementation of storage systems and logistics, we can provide special profiles of semi-committed, high quality and precision to the needs of all sectors of industry trade. A wide range of solutions for companies that deal with storage and handling of goods, from simple shelving, pallet rack to complex modular systems used for automated warehousing and logistics solutions complex. Of course the examples[...]