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[Poland]centrifugal bushings - bronze, brass, aluminium, steel, iron, lead, zinc

centrifugal bushings - bronze, brass, aluminium, steel, iron, lead, zinc. Cast Steel. Stainless Steel Castings. 316, 304, 305. Runner Blades for Water Turbines. Hydro Power Castings. G-X5CrNi13 4, 1.4313. CA6NM, 304L, CF3, Ductile Iron. SOBOWIDZ Ferrous & Non-Ferrous FOUNDRY. Pump Impellers. Ship Propellers. Boat Props. Blades. G-X5CrNi 13 4, 1.4313. CNC Machining. Ni-hard. SG Iron. Ni-resist. D5. No-Bake Foundry. GJS 400-18LT, 500-7, 420-12. Exhaust Manifolds. Mining. Hadfield. Counterweights.[...]



ductile iron casting GGG-50 forging products[...]


[China]automobile parts

cast iron and cast steel parts[...]


[China]RE: Mechanical Seal

1 1)- Mechanical Carbon Rotary and Stationary Sealing Rings----These products are mainly used in mechanical seal for acid or alkali-proof pumps and reaction kettle. Material: Resin-Impregnated Graphite, Metal-Impregnated Graphite (Copper, Antimony and Glass etc.) and Pure Graphite. Carbon-Graphite for Pump---These products is used as Thrust Bearings for Screened Pump, Submerged Deep-Well Pump, Vanes, Baffle Plate, Bushings, and Piston Ring for various air pump, vacuum pump and compressor.[...]


[China]RE: Copper Mould Tube

Item Arc Radius(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm) Square Copper mould tube Square 60x60-350x350(mm) 3000-12000 6-20 700-1000 Rectangle 120x160-180x300(mm) Round Copper Mould tube Diameter 100-400(mm) 3000-12000 6-20 700-1000 Size(mm): 90x90,100x100,110x110,115x115,120x120 130x130,135x135,140x140,143x143,150x150 155x155,160x160,165x165,175x175,180x180 200x200,220x220,100x170,100x173,130x240 150x200,150x210,150x220,160x200,160x220 150x225,160x235,165x225,175x225,180x220 200x240,240x240,235x235 Radius(mm):[...]


[China]RE: Refractory Brick

The mainly products: magnesia brick,magnesia carbon brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia dolomite brick, SiC-Si3N4 block and so on. Our main exporting brand of Refractory Bricks are: Direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks   The product is manufactured by taking high purity magnesia and high quality chrome as raw materials through the process of high pressure moulding and high temperature burning.It has a good thermal shock resistance and volume stability and is applied in the cement and[...]


[China]RE: EDM graphite, graphite electrodes, mechanical seal, refractory

Graphite Electrodes, EDM Graphite,Mechanical Seal, Copper Mould Tube Refractory Brick.[...]


[China]RE: Graphite Product

Our main exporting size of Graphite Electrodes are: Regular power electrodes (Dia. 200-Dia. 400mm) Regular power impregnated Electrodes (Dia. 200-Dia. 450mm) High power electrodes (Dia. 200-Dia. 500mm) Sub high power electrodes (Dia. 350-Dia. 500mm) Our graphite electrodes has the following feature: 1. Lower electric resistivity, good electric and heat conductivity: 2. High mechanical strength under high temperature: 3. High resistance to thermal shock and mechanical vibration: 4. Lowe[...]


[China]Silicon Nitride Heater Sheath for Molten Aluminum

Silicon Nitride Heater tube Product Description Silicon Nitride heater protection tube is used in molten aluminum, high oxidation resistance, high-speed and efficient dispersal and removal of hydrogen and other unwanted particles, long service time. Physical and chemical index Types Gas Si3N4 Density >3.2g/cm3 Si3N4 content >92% Flexural strength >700Mpa Compressive strength >1500Mpa Thermal conductivity(W/mk) 16-22 Porosity 0 Thermal expansion coeff.(RT-1000℃) 3.2 Max[...]


[China]Silicon Nitride Degassing Rotor and Shaft for Molten Aluminum

Silicon Nitride Degassing Shaft and Rotor Product Description Silicon Nitride Degassing rotor is designed for excellent performance including easily replaceable and repairable separated shaft and impeller, good washing resistance of molten aluminum, high oxidation resistance, high-speed and efficient dispersal and removal of hydrogen and other unwanted particles, long service time. Physical and chemical index Types GasSi3N4 Density >3.2g/cm3 Si3N4 content >92% Flexural strength >700Mpa Compressive[...]