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[Turkey]Dormina blankets

85% acrylic 15% Polyester, Weight:3.3 kg Size: 220*240[...]


[Turkey]Dormina blanket

85% Acrylic 15% Polyester Size:220*240 Weight:3.3 kg[...]


[South Korea]Blanket, acrylic blanket, mink blanket, acrylic mink blanket

soft touch and noble design.... Pile : 100% acrylic high bulky sun yarn with special treatment Ground : 100% polyester yarn Ratio : Acrylic 85%, Ground 15% various items item net w't q'ty/40ft HQ packing two ply blankets Dulex Super King 8.20kg 786pcs zipper bag Dulex Dimaond King 7.00kg 840pcs zipper bag Dulex King 6.40kg 912pcs zipper bag Dulex Queen 5.80kg 1,000pcs zipper bag item net w't q'ty/40ft[...]


[China]nylon textured yarn

1、 Nylon 6 DTY (30/12,40/14,70/24,100/36 etc ) 2、 Nylon 6 FDY (30/12,40/12,70/24,100/36,140/48 etc) 3、 Covered yarn (20/70,40/70,70/70,20/40,20/75,40/75,etc) 5、 Spandex (20D-1180D)[...]


[China]Magic coin tissue

Description of Magic coin tissue: 1) Material: 100% rayon, 100% biodegradable, non-woven and without alcohol. 2) Specification: 23*24cm, after put into water; the compressed size is 2 x 1cm with the weight of 50gsm. 3) Shape: round shape. 4) Color: white color with 2cm diameter. 5) Soft touch, absorbent, lint-free, hygiene and convenient to take, we can produce according your design, size and package.[...]


[China]compressed towel

The compressed towels made from 100% cotton are sanitary and reliable after heat sterilization and strict quality control. they can be compressed into shapes such as round, global, oval, heart, square, rectangle, card, Santa Claus, bottle, car, cell phone, or other shapes. they can spread into new fresh towels when being put into water for about 30 seconds, andã??are used and taken with you easily and conveniently. Additionally, colorful printing can be made as per your favor and request in[...]


[Taiwan]Embroidered motif

we have various fabrics/threads/borders/backings for your selection, welcome any of your inquiry, and we are sure to provide the most competitive prices.[...]


[Hong Kong]String/Tassel/Shoes Laces

* Specialized in manufacturing round/flattened/elastic/braid strings. * Can make plastic and metal tip end. * Knitting string with pattern, silk screen. * Can use differnt Cotton, nylon, PP, Polyester, Synthetic silk or mixed materials. * Suitable for shoe lace, swimming wear, garment/fasion accessories, .... etc.[...]


[China]Sell new era hats edhardy sunglasses handbags mp4 etc

We have over 500 different styles available for wholesale! We accept small trial orders, even drop shipping business is welcome here! We are a professional sports clothing company in China. Have a lot of the best quality items for sale, and the wholesale price is very cheap. If you are looking for a honest, reliable business partner, please contact us, we are the best one for you. and it is more faster & safer for us to delivery products to our buyers. our goods: 1.Hats 2.Bags 3.Sunglasses 4.MP4 5.belts 6.Clothing Features:[...]


[China]Wool Nylon Yarns

Wool / Nylon (Polyamide) Blended Yarn 1) , Regular counts :2/20 Nm ,2/30 Nm, 1/36 Nm ,1/45 Nm ,2/48 Nm ,1/68 Nm . 2) , Single ply / 2 ply / 3 ply. 3) , Ratio: Wool / Nylon = 90/10; 80/20; 70/30. ( Regular ratioes :90% Wool / 10% Nylon, 80% Wool / 20% Nylon. ) 4) , In hank / on cone . 5) , Color: raw white / dyed. 6) , End use: for knitted socks , sweaters , etc.[...]