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[China]Sell armani, burberry, dior, fendi scarf

Welcome to shoetobag co.,ltd.., We can provide variety styles of high quality fashion products such as gucci andbags,chanel, chloe handbags, coach purses, prada handbags, fendi bags and jewelry,clothing,coat,hoody, air jordan shoes,air force one,puma,dunk,kobe,dunk,bape shoes etc. The shipping method will be DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, SODEXI, TNT // about 3-7 days to reach your door. Online tracking is available for you, fast and safe. For more information, welcome to our website.[...]


[China]spandex covered yarn with polyester

We supply all kinds of spandex covered yarn with polyester such as 20D/30D, 20D/40D, 20D/70D, 40D/70D, 20D/75D, 30D/75D, etc. 1. Yarns of fine quality. 2. Capable of handling sizable orders. 3. Wrapping way: SCY/DCY, warp-way twist(Z)/weft-way twist(S). 4. Elasticity: low/medium/high. 5. Color: White/Black as well as any other color. 6. Application: popularly used in knitting & weaving, jeans, sweaters, socks, underwear etc. 7. We can make as you required. Looking forward to hearing from you! TKS![...]


[China]spun polyester sewing thread

Ring spun Polyester Sewing Thread Finished by the unique lubricating technique innovated by the company, it is featured by perfect glossy luster, excellent lubricity, few knots, good rotting proof, low water shrinkage, good fastness to abrasion, washing, sunlight, perspiration and light. It is applicable for high-speed sewing. Main Specifications: 20s/2, 30s/2, 40s/2, 50s/2, 60s/2, 80s/2, 20s/3, 40s/3, 50s/3, 60s/3, 80s/3, etc. Polyester Two-for-one Sewing Thread Processed by world top textile[...]


[China]embroidery thread

Rayon Embroidery Thread Featured by good fastness, it is applicable for high-speed embroidery and generally used for ornamental embroidery on dresses, silk, handbags, etc. Main Specifications: 75D/2, 120D/2, 150D/2, 300D/2, etc. Polyester Filament Embroidery Thread It is made of trilobal polyester filaments by the special processes. Compared with Rayon Embroidery Thread, it has unparalleled advantages such as high glossy effect, high tenacity and good abrasion resistance. It is applicable for[...]


[China]sewing threads

Polyester Wrapped Poly Core Sewing Thread Produced by unique spinning machinery and processes, it is featured by striation evenness of filament and natural hairiness of staple fiber, strength of which is 15%-20% higher than spun polyester sewing thread of equal size. It is preferred thread for top grade garments. Main specifications: 12s/2, 15s/2, 17s/2, 20/2, 29s/2, 35s/2, 45s/2, 59s/2, 12s/3, 15s/3, 16s/3, 29s/3, etc. Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Sewing Thread Owning the same appearance as cotton,[...]


[China]overlocking threads

Textured Polyester Sewing Thread Featured by soft feeling, good elasticity and few knots, it is distinguished into twisted and non-twisted and applicable for knitted underwear, overlocking, etc. Main Specifications: 150D/1, 200D/1, 300D/1. Textured Nylon Sewing Thread Featured by soft feeling, good bulky character when it is slack, perfect elongation and resilience, it is used for bodices, swimsuits and cover-stitching and overedging knitted and woven fabrics that require excellent seam elasticity. Main[...]


[China]WEIYI's Yarns

Zhangzhou Weiyi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is specialized in the manufacturing of spandex covered yarn and Nylon DTY of good quality. Trough the mutual efforts & cooperation of our staffs, our business partners, WEIYI has enjoyed a high reputation both at home and abroad for nearly a decade. WEIYI yarns always yearn for better. Sincerely hope we can establish a long-term and firm relationship with you. TKS![...]


[China]Nylon DTY

Features: 1. High output & supreme quality. 2. Color: White/Black, other colors as well. 3: Available for knitting and weaving, hosiery, underwear etc. We mainly produce: 30D/10F-24F,40D/10F-36F,70D/24F-48F,100D/36F-72F,140D/48F,200D/72F. Those above-mentioned ones are often found in our regular production lines. We can also make according to your specific requirements. Expecting your inquiry. TKS![...]


[China]faux fur/artificial fur/fake fur fabric

100% Polyester or polyester and acrylic blended fabric is ideal for adult dress, kid's wear and also fit for making blankets, mats, dolls, gloves, hats, etc. we are professional at :high pile plush, Sherpa, jacquard plush fabrics,animal faux fur, tip-dyeing/discharge plush; Fake fur bonded with suede fabric, Berber, boa, and fake fur blankets.etc. we also can supply you bedding ,throw etc. finished products. any style,any color,any size,we can supply according to your requirements. sample[...]


[China]Auto Fabric

Weight: from 350-450g/y Width: 54/55"[...]