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[China]reflective sheeting

Description: TM3100 advertising grade PET type TM3200 advertising grade Acrylic type silk-screen printing available TM5100 engineering grade PET type TM7200 engingeering grade Acrylic type silk-screen printing available TM1100 Hi-intensity Grade TM1200 Hi-intensity Grade Color: white,yellow,red ,green,blue,orange,black size: 1.22MX50Yard/roll or 0.61MX50Yard/roll[...]





[China]Roll Up

Item: Roll Up Code: RS-CS Graphic Size: 0.56*2.05m 0.83*2.05m 0.96*2.05m 1.16*2.05m(2 pole) 1.46*2.05m(2 pole) Description: 1. magnetic cover side 2. Without any tools, this item can be opened and graphic can be changed conveniencely 3. You can put small graphic on the base of the roll up New Style. Hot selling.. For more details for other display stand production, email us.[...]


[China]RC High Glossy Photo Paper (Waterproof)

Detailed Product Description Features: 1) High quality photo paper base with double-side resin coating 2) Micro-porous coating on front side provides excellent image definition, color saturation and short drying time 3) The graphic shows excellent quality with great 5,760dpi can be reached when using the best printing settings 4) Glossy surface makes the paper with mirror effecting which shows the exact details of graphics 5) Compatible to both water based dye and pigment inks 6) Surface:[...]


[China]Cold Lamination PVC Film

Detailed Product Description Features: 1) PVC cold lamination film is laminated on advertising material for the protection of picture 2) The matt film has a good artistic effect 3) Surface: matte 4) Total weight: 150gsm 5) Specification (in rolls): 36'', 42", 50", 60" x 45.7m 6) Can be cut into other sizes Inner packing: Our standard packing (from inside to outside): white paper, transparent PET film, black PE plastic bag (with an English instruction inside), plastic covers[...]


[China]Flex solvent banner

Item: Solvent Flex Description: high quality flexible materials, used in various advertising signs and bulletin boards. Front-lit and back-lit types are both available. Specifications: (1)Weight: 340-680gsm (2)Thickness:0.32-0.64mm (3)Width:1.02-3.2m (4)Glossy or matt (5)Frontlit or backlit (6)Kraft paper or hard paper tube Blockout(double sided printable) hot selling..[...]


[Poland]Plastic cards

Plastic cards became ubiquitous in our everyday life. They began to play an important role in advertising exerting a major influence on marketing. The usage of plastic cards is versatile as they are used as credit cards, phone cards, id cards, key cards, visiting cards. Due to the fact that plastic card increases the prestige it has become an indispensable element of modern corporate image. Due to its durability and usefulness it is irreplaceable item of any company activity.[...]


[China]Mini trivision

We sell the best trivisions in China. Our products are made of high quality materials. This small design is for indoor use. The prisms are only 42mm wide. This sample is 1.34m(w)x1m(h). If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.[...]


[China]Electroluminescent (EL) Wire Advertisement

Electroluminescent Wire Advertisement Electro-luminescent (EL) Wire Advertisment Product Description 1.Dimensions:A3,A2,A1,A0 2.Frame material:Aluminium,organic glass 3.Power: AC110/220/240V 4.Light effect: flash,flow. Delivery Time: 7-15 days Unit Price:Negotiation Port:Shenzhen China. EL wire color and Specifications Dia=0.9mm,clear transparent, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, pink Dia=1.3mm,clear transparent, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple,[...]


[China]LED Pharmacy Signs

The LED pharmacy cross is a very effective Display for the Pharmacies. LED signs are much brighter than the old neon signs. LED Cross is visible even during the day against the sun light. It can display any information that you want e.g. opening hours, new products available, vaccines and any other service provided. It can display fantastic visual effects to catch easily the attention of the potential customers. A LED pharmacy cross has a low power consumption. A double face cross needs at max only[...]