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Country: South Korea

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[South Korea]Real 4D earphones for iPhone & any smartphones

4D earphone for iPhone BS-80i is an open sensory earphone that has a highly sensitive microphone and remote controller for iPhone. It provides phone-call feature and allows you to control various contents. You can even control your iPhone with your voice. Real 4D earphone (Feel the music instead of just listening to music) BS-80i transmits sound through the patented sensory unit (High range: mastoid / middle and low ranges: silicon chip). 70% of the sound is directly transmitted to the eardrum[...]


[South Korea]GPS External Active Antenna

Specification. Size: 47*42.1*11.4mm. Operating voltage: 2.5~5.0V. Antenna element gain:5.0dBi typ./ R.H.C.P. Noise figure: 1.5dBi typ. / R.H.C.P. RF Cable&connector: MCX,SMA, SMB... VSWR: 2.0: 1Max /Center Freq. LNA gain: user spec. Feasures. 1. High Sensitivity. 2. Low power consumption. 3. fully waterproof. 4. High temperature stability. 5. 2 magnetics and screwed. Appilcation 1. Vehicle navigator. 2. portable anvigator. 3. Fleet management system. 4. Weather balloon.[...]


[South Korea]GPS Internal Antenna_FG13M4 Series

Specification: Size: 13*13*4mm Operating voltage: 2.5~5.0V Antenna element gain: 2.0dBi typ. / R.H.C.P Noise figure: 1.5dBi typ. / R.H.C.P LNA gain: user spec. RFCable&connector: GPS_LP,10cm(variable) Otput Band Rejection: -25dB Min / 1475 MHz -30dB Min / 1675 MHz Features: 1. Competitive price and performance. 2. Ceramic slim antenna. 3. suitable for small portable kits 4. Expanded application. 5. Applicable to handheld GPS, PDA, etc. 6. State-of-the-art[...]


[South Korea]GPS Internal Antenna_FG18M4 Series

Specification: size: 18*18*4mm Operating voltage: 2.5~5.0V Antenna Element Gain:1.5typ./ R.H.C.P Noise Figure:1.5dBMax/20Celsius RF Cable&Connector :GPS_LP,(10cm~~) U.F.L(Other types are available) Features: 1. Applicable to PDA, car navigation, etc. 2. Low power consumption and noise figure. 3. Suitable for portable kits 4. High sensitivity and performance. 5. Excellent signal amplification. Applications: 1. Vehicle navigator. 4. Weather balloon. 5. Bluetooth receiver.[...]


[South Korea]Telephone Handsets Lifter LTL10

* No need to lift handset up in calling * Just push the Headsets button on Amplifier A20 * Feel free from uncomfortable operation of Amplifier & Headsets in office & Contact Center * Line Tech advanced technology Amplifier A20 is combined with Auto Lifter LTL10 * CE / FCC[...]


[South Korea]Mobile Phone

Dear Buyers, I am pleased to introduce mobile Phone and I am Mr. Edward Park of Joonwon Electronics Corp that is export trading company dealing with Power Amp,Digital Camera,PDP TV, Mobile Phone, Home Appliances, Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Hands Free Car Kit, Electric Shaver,MP4 Player, Notebook, Medical goods etc in South,Korea. If you are interested in Mobile Phone, Please feel free to contact me. I glad to collaborate with you. Best Regards, Edward Park[...]


[South Korea]Sell Unique real 4D vibration Earphones for cellular phones and other.

Real 4D earphone - Clear, comfortable listening BS-80K1 has adopted the patented sensory vibration unit of Vibebs. During the use of the product, air freely flows through the inside and outside of the air while the low pitch range is strengthened. Thus, you can enjoy Real 4D experience with clear, comfortable sound. Realist acoustic sound The sensory vibration unit delivers clear, vivid high and middle pitches while the low pitches are transmitted to the whole body of the listener through[...]


[South Korea]Eyesight protection film for Mobile

1) Eyesight protection : Reducing the wavelength of light, protects eyestrain for long time use 2) Provide clear screen : Provides clear screen by filtering out diffusing light. 3) Prevent from damage : Prevent mobile from damage with consisted of 4-layer laminated structure that can absorb from external shock. 4) Anti-bacterial function : With anti-bacterial coated, prevents computer user from bacterial infection. 5) Scratch resistant : With UV hard coating, it protects safely[...]