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[South Korea]Miscellaneous Business Services in Korea

We serve miscellaneous performing,handling services in Korea. Do you have any annoying, irksome, tiresome, troublesome things or matters in Korea? In those cases,don't worry about them. We will take care of it for you. This is the very our performing,handling service. Of cource, we serve you with evidences.[...]


[South Korea]Information and Investigation Service in Korea

We are a business information service providing company in Korea. Do you need information and investigation etc. service about Korean company or something in Korea? We are having much useful informations about that. Please contact Mr.Kelly Kim[...]


[South Korea]Liaison Office Service in Korea

We provide office-function service in Korea. You don't need to come to Korea every time on some little important business cases. Our serving lines: (1) Generally serving you as your liaison office or representative or messenger for you in Korea. (2) Managing,controlling your business working in Korea instead of you by your instructions.[...]


[South Korea]Various kinds of business service in Korea

We are a various kinds of business service provider in Korea as belows. 1. Liaison Office Service in Korea 2. Miscellaneous Business Services in Korea 3. Information and Investigation Service in Korea[...]


[Poland]International Debt Collection

International Debt Collection When you win a new commercial contract, you are very glad because of your new client and you hope for economic revival of your company. Unfortunately, sometimes your client after realization of the order does not pay in time, or does not want to pay at all. Lack of due payment threatens financial liquidity of your company. In such case the great solution is vindication of financial claims by Financial Office Worldwide. This is a tried quick cheap and effective way[...]


[United Kingdom]BG,SBLC,LC,MTN,Loan,etc.

Nationwide Bank London offers international funding for Estate,industrial projects,expansion of existing business,business loan etc. we offer to you efficiently irrespective of your location, our interest and conditions are lower/Easier, to cover up,base on your compliance to make available the requirements,your funds could be transferred to your home/Directive account within 20 days .We also provide and discount bank instruments such as Bank Instruments Discounting,BG,SBLC,LC,MTN,Loan,etc.Contact[...]


[United Kingdom]BG/SBLC Instrument

We have BG/SBLC for Lease & Purchase, issuance from HSBC London/Hong-Kong or AA rated Bank in Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA @ leasing rate of 6+2. Interested person (s) should contact us. Our Procedure, terms and Conditions will be forwarded to you upon contact. Skype: bgatlantic[...]


[India]International Trade Facilitators

We offer Liaison / Representation service in India. We are in this field for the last few years, and we are interested in working for any overseas company having business dealing with India, or wishing to enter the Indian market. Please correspond only in English[...]


[Poland]E-ACCOUNTING - Accounting services by means of internet.

Different solutions of e-accounting: 1/ all accounting works are executed by my office and financial reports can be read on-line by Client, 2/ book-keeping executed by Client's employee but her/his job is under control of my office through internet, 3/ "Accounting emergency" - supervision of Client's accounting through internet.[...]


[Poland]Debt collection services, legal services

ICG offers help in debt recovery in Poland and other European countries. We have Law Offices in almast all European countries. What is very important is a fact, that payment under contracts signed with ICG are based on the results of our work and made only after successful recovery! We offer also: legal assistance, preparing business information reports (about Polish and foreign companies).[...]