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Category: Chemicals & Plastics

Country: Lithuania

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[Lithuania]Multi-purpose construction-repair glue

Sell: Multi-purpose, ready-to-use construction-repair gluey mass. Made of silicate binding material and natural mineral stuff. Used for indoor application, for gluing of various articles, decorative elements to bricks, concrete, plaster, gypsum boards, calcium-silicate boards, wood, chip boards and other surfaces. Suitable for gluing of heated floor, tile, mosaic, articles made of natural (granite, marble, sandstone, etc.) or artificial stone, stone mass, glass, ceramics, stone wool, wood, etc.[...]


[Lithuania]Fire-retardant coating

Sell: Fire retardant (fire-resistant) coating. The product is used in the industry, building and home-repair. Production usable of protection building designs (metall, wooden ) from influence of direct fire (heat exhaustion). Coating made of silicate binding material and fireprof mineral stuff, is ready-to-use. The coating maintains vibration, small deformations and other dynamic loadings. The material is put on a surface in some layers by a brush, the platen and also the compressor of a high[...]


[Lithuania]Ultra dispersed copper powder

Sell: Ultra dispersed copper powder (nano technology) . Particle size 20-200nm and 1,5 - 2,0micron) superfine (99, 998 purity, cu63 / cu65 - natural copper), stabilizied in argon gas. The product is produced in Russia (according to request of a buyer), producing capacity 500 kg/month, packing in plastic bottles. Certificate. Company is looking for cooperation partners in distribution of this production.[...]


[Lithuania]Heat resistant (+800C) glue,mastic, adhesive

Sell: Ready-to-use heat-resistant gluey mass (glue, mastic, adhesive). Operating temperature up to + 800 C, resistant to oil products, cold-proof. Made of silicate binding material and thermo-resistant mineral stuff. Suitable for building and repair of ovens, furnaces, chimneys, for gluing, finishing (plastering) of heating surfaces, for restoration, stopping of small openings and cracks. Highly-adhesive to various surfaces (bricks, concrete, firestone, ceramics, glass, vermiculite, calcium-silicate[...]