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Category: Chemicals & Plastics

Country: China

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CAS # 100-97-0   ICSC # 1228   UN # 1328 UN Hazard Class: 4.1 UN Packing Group: III Item Passed Purity % ≥ 98.0 Moisture % ≤ 1.0 Ash content % ≤ 0.08 Usage: It is a kind of raw material for the curing agent of phenolic platic, the catalytic agent of amino plastic, the promoter(H)of vulcanized rubber, the antishrinking agent for textile goods, diuretic and germicide of pharmacy, the black explosive of military industry and the pesticide of agriculture. And it can be[...]


[China]Allyl heptylate

Allyl heptylate CAS No.: 142-19-8 Molecular formula: C10H18O2 Structural formula: Specific gravity(25 ): 0.880-0.885 FEMA: 2949 Purity: 99% Ref. Index (20 ) : 1.426-1.430 Boiling point: 210 Explosion point: 68 Appearance: colorless transparent liquid with scent of pineapple. Use: used to produce aromatic chemicals for daily use and edible flavoring essence.[...]



Commodity Name: Braids, 3-strand braid rope, 8-strand braid rope Material: HDPE,Nylon/Polyester Specification: diameter 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm Color: Black, White, Blue, Green, yellow, red Please contact us, Tel: 86-022-27639159, Fax:86-022-27649918, Email:[...]


[China]Xanthan gum

We are the leading and professional manufactuer of Xanthan Gum in China with the annual output more than 10,000 tons of Food Grade Xanthan Gum ,Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Grade Xanthan Gum,Industrial Garde Xanthan Gum and Oil Drillig & Exploitation Grade Xanthan Gum The products pass ISO9000 、ISO14001 、OHSAS18001、American Kosher and Halal International certificate and have been exported to a lot of countries all over the world. We aims to supply the customers "first[...]


[China]PET bottle

Weight: 5ml---500ml Cap: screw cap, flip top,sprayer cap etc. Print: Silk-Screen, Hot stamping. Material: PET OEM services We are a manufacture under Huier Group specializing in producing kinds of cosmetic packaging with novelty design,beautiful shape and competitive price. Such as flexible tubes, acrylic jars, plastic bottles etc.[...]



3-Bromopropene CAS#: 106-95-6 English Name: 3-bromopropene Synonyms: allyl bromide, bromoallylene, 3-bromo-1-propene Molecular formula: H2CCHCH2Br Molecular Weight:120.99 Appearance: colourless to light yellow liquid Content: 99.0PCT MIN Water solubility: negligible Melting point: -119 oC Boiling point: 70 oC Flash point: -1 oC Vapour density: 4.2 (air = 1) Density (g cm -3 ): 1.43 Explosion limits: 4.4 - 7.3 PCT UN No: 1099. Hazard class:[...]



3-Chloro-1-propanol CAS#:627-30-5 Structural formula :CLCH2CH2CH2OH Property:Colorless transparent liquid. boiling point:160-162oC consistency(20oC):1.445-1.447 refractive index (20oC) Use: compose a great variety of medicament Quality index: Index Target number Measured value Test method Color 20MAX 9 DIN ISO 6271 Content 99PCT MIN 99.2PCT GC Water content 0.2PCT MAX 0.1PCT DIN ISO 51777 Packing and storage:: Packed in 200kg drum[...]



1-Chloro-6-hydroxyhexane CAS#:2009-83-8 tructural formula:C8H13CLO Physical property: Colorless or isabelline thich transparent liquid, has water absorption. Boiling point:108-112oC, flash point:98 oC, density (20 oC):1.03 Use: Pharmaceutical intermediate and pesticide intermediate. Quality index: Index Target value Test method Color & luster 20MAX DIN ISO 6271 Content 97PCT MIN GC Water content 0.2PCT MAX DIN ISO 51777 Packing and storage: 200kg steel[...]



1,3-Dichloropropane CAS#:142-28-9 Structural formula: ClCH2CH2CH2Cl Physical property: Colorless transparent liquid. boiling point:124.0oC,Density: 20oC)1.1896,index of refraction(20oC):1.4481,Flash point:32oC,Soluble in water, alcohol and aether. Quality index: Index Target number Test method Color 20MAX DIN ISO 6271 Content 99.0PCT MIN GC Water content 0.2PCT MAX DIN ISO 51777 Packing and storage: 200kg/drum . Keep in norm temperature,[...]