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[Poland]French Brick

Application: finishing elements in interior design, construction of fireplaces and their facades. Dimensions: 21,5x10x4 cm.[...]


[Poland]English Brick

Made by special order from a client from England, it has become very popular with individual clients in Poland. Application: main walls, partition walls, pillars, chimneys, as well as elements of facades. Dimensions: 22,5x10,5x6,7 cm.[...]


[Poland]Traditional brick type 10

This is a brick characterised by very good chemical and physical properties. It is ecological and has high compressive strength. It is resistant to frost and fulfils all Polish Norms (PN) of the building industry. Application: main walls, partition walls, pillars, chimneys, and the like. Dimensions: 25x12x6,5 cm.[...]


[Poland]Traditional Brick

Application: facades. Dimensions: 25x12x6,5 cm. TYPE 15 (SANDY)[...]


[Poland]Aged French Brick

Our brand new product – a brick with the so-called demolition effect, characteristic of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, with a coarse texture. Application: finishing elements in interior design, construction of fireplaces and their facades. Dimensions: 21,5x10x4 cm.[...]


[China]special brick

Fused Magnesia Bricks(TK-DMZ-) Description High strength, excellent corrosion resistance, good spalling resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent slag resistance. Application Mainly used in steel making converter, EAF, glass kiln and non-ferrous furnace Brand Chemical Analysis(%) Fhysical Properties MgO≥ SiO2≤ Fe2O3≤ CaO≤ Al2O3≤ C.C.S (Mpa) A.P (%) B.D (g/cm3) Refractoriness Under load(℃) Thermal Shock Resistance (950℃air cooling) C/S TK-DMZ-98 98 0.5 0.3 0.9 0.2 90 14 3.2 1700 25 2.0 TK-DMZ-97 97 0.5 0.4 1.2 0.2 90 15 3.2 1700 25 2.0 TK-DMZ-96 96 0.6 0.6 1.3 0.2 80 16 3.1 1680 25 2.0 TK-DMZ-95 95 1.0 0.7 1.8 1.8 60 16 3.0 1650 20 [...]



Electro-fused Magnetite Electro-fused Magnesia Grains Dead-burnt Magnesia Bricks(TK-MZ-) Description High strength, high temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and spalling resistance. Application Mainly used in steek making converter,EAF,transfer ladle and glass kiln.Safty linling in all kinds of industrial furnaces. please feel free to contact us for more details if you are interested in it.[...]


[Viet Nam]Lightweight concrete brick

SCON Building Material JSC products (Super Cellular Lightweight Concrete) include lightweight bricks/blocks, ceilings, partition wall, fencing, median barriers and planters/flowerpots. SCON products have attracted special attention from famous architects and designers as well as construction investors all over the world. Our products are known in more than 50 countries as a breakthrough in the construction material market. SCON's target is to continue developing in order to meet the ever-growing[...]


[China]offer the glass mosaic

glass-stone mosaic mix series chip size:23*23*8 sheet size:298*298*8 11sheets for one carton 72 carton for 1 plt[...]


[China]Glass mosaic

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of glass mosaic. Our products are well received on world Market, with a high excellent reputation both at home and abroad. We have a strong research and development team, with a wide range of designs and delicate craftsmanship.[...]