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[China]Flake ice machine

A flake ice machine is an ice-making machine that produces small chips or flakes of hardened ice. It widely used chain supermarket, bars and hotels, aquatic and meat processing factory, poultry slaughtering and leather-production, chemical dyeing, mining, concrete cooling, ocean-going fishing, artificial skiing, etc. Share flake ice machine adopt high-performance and low noise import compressors. All unit we design upon CE standard, all the accessories are from famouse brand .Evaporator and ice[...]


[China]Tube ice machine

Profile Tube Ice Machine is an ice-making machine that produces tube ice. The tube ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical tubular ice, whose inner hole diameter of 5~15mm,ranging from 40~60mm long. Its external diameter can be divided into three specifications :φ22mm,φ29mm and φ ice widely used for human consumption such as, chilled drinks ,mix wines, preserving food,and also used for chemical cooling ,food processing,meat-processing,fisheries,poultry-processing,meat plants etc. Compared[...]


[China]Ice block machine

Block Ice Machine is a refrigeration system which consists of refrigeration unit and brine pool, The machine can make various dimensions block ice ,and the weight from 5kg to 120kg .The output can be form 1T to 150T, Share Block Ice Machine adopt high advanced technology. Special design according the client requirement.and the refrigeration unit adopts PLC control, Touch screen monitoring. Block ice characteristic Block ice has a large dimension but has small contact area so it does not melt easily.[...]



HFC-404a(Mixed refrigerant R404a) Product: Mixed refrigerant R404A Property of chloride : Molecular Weight, 97.6 Boiling Point, -46.5°C Critical Temperature, 72.1°C Critical Pressure, Mpa 3.74 Specific Heat of Liquid, 30°C, [KJ/(kg.°C)] 0.38 ODP, 0 GWP, 0.388 Packing: Disposable cylinder 24lb/10.9kg; Recyclable cylinder 400L, 800L, 926L; ISO-Tank. Quality standard : Purity, >=99.8% Moisture, PPm <=10 Acidity, PPm <=1 Vapor Residue, PPm <=100 Appearance,[...]


[China]Refrigeration Freezing Condenser

Air-cooled Condensers are suitable in a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning application. 1. FNS and FNV series used Internal rotor motor with 6 pole; FN series can choose Axial motor or external rotor motor according to the customer' s requires.; 2. Coils with Copper tubes and Aluminum 3. R22, R134a, R404A Refrigerant are available 4. Tube Cleaning by Nitrogen Gas 5. Testing of Pressure and leaking by 28 bar with dry air , 1bar Nitrogen charged in the Inner tube For[...]


[Poland]Fans ELCO

Fan triphase 220/380 V Diameter 350 mm Frequency: 50 Hz Strenght: 0.77/0.45 A Power: 145/240 W 1300/1550 RPM Class: B Protection: IP55 Fan triphase 220/380 V Diameter 400 mm Frequency: 50 Hz Strenght: 0.77/045 A Power: 145/240 W 1300/1550 RPM Class: B Protection: IP55 Fan monophase 230/240 V Diameter 350 mm Frequency: 50 Hz Strenght: 1.6 A Power: 170/350 W 1300 RPM Class: B Protection: IP44[...]



Optimization design:The same installation as window type air-conditioner.Just drill a square hole in the wall and install it directly, which can save 60% installation time.[...]


[China]Single Phase Relay with Time Delay and Overload Protection

Connection Input 220-240 Voltage Output is used for switching compressor, motor or other outputs while monitoring load and protecting against preset limit.It will shut the circuit down and offer time delay. Features Upon connection the LED will flash for a delay of 3 minutes, the circuit will then close and the LED will stop flashing. If the current is over the preset limit the Alarm LED will indicate Red and the relay will be shut the circuit down. Operation Setup Current Limit: [...]


[China]Air Cooled Water Chiller with Heat Recovery(131.6KW-830KW)(40STE A/AH)

Units Function Equipped with Aluminum fins around copper pipes, Stars air cooled chillers can also be installed with heat pump if needed. The heat pump units can supply heat in the winter in addition to refrigeration function of the standard models. No cooling towers are applied. Features 1. Cooling capacity scope: 37RT--236RT 2. Made of the advanced 5: 6 screw high efficiency compressors and well- known electric components. 3. The shell and tube evaporators of high quality and efficiency[...]


[China]Water Cooled Water Chiller with Heat Recvery (Hstars)

Functions: Stars water-cooled chillers is one of the leading products, it has two types: Cooled only and heat recovery units. The cooled only series includes 38 standard models with cooling capacity ranged from 3. The unit with heat recovery can provide 55-60 Deg C Hot water free, and no pollution. Water cooled chillers can be widely used in Industrial or residential building system, such as hotels, supermarkets, hospitals and offices. Features 1. Cooling capacity scope: 2TR to 520TR 2.[...]