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[Turkey]Dried raisin-Sultanas

Best quality raisin from Aegean region of Turkey, 100% natural and fully sun dried. Not any additives. With seeds and seedless can be available.[...]


[Bulgaria]Red-skin peanuts

Roasted and salted red-skin peanuts[...]


[Viet Nam]desiccated coconut

We are manufacturer and exporter of desiccated coconut in Vietnam, Our main products include desiccated coconut high fat fine and medium grades. Desiccated coconut high fat specification: - Moisture: 3% max, - FFA: 0.3 % max, - Oil content: 63% min, - Free from ecoli or bactereia, no foreign matter - Packing: 25kg/bags or 50kg/bag, ( 1PE + 3 Krafts +1PP) Base in Southern of Vietnam, We have the advantage of labour and material so our products are competitive price and high quality. [...]


[India]Cashew kernels

Cashew kernels: W320, W240, and any other grades will be supplied from our company.[...]


[Poland]Coconut (cocos nucifera)

Coconut (cocos nucifera) is a fruit of coconut palm which grows in the tropics. The fruit is round or oval with the weight of 2 kg till 4 kg. The shell is filled with liquid called coconut milk. It is also important for industry (rope, cord or texture production). The nut contains 50 % of water, 25 % of fat, protein, sugar. However the kernel contains 70 % of fat, 15 % of sugar, 7 % of protein and the same of water. It is processed, it means milled to desiccated coconuts. The coconut oil[...]



Poppy is a one-year's plant which comes from Asia or from west part of Mediterranean Sea countries. On a large scale poppy is grown in China, India, Iran, Turkey and many countries of Middle East and Europe. Poppy is grown for industrial, curative and food purposes. The poppy fruit is almost round bag, called poppy-head, with holes. It contains the seeds of 0,9 till 1,5 mm diameter and colour depending on the varieties (from dirtily white through red-violet till almost black).[...]



Peanuts come from Brasil. Nowadays they are grown in the tropics and in the subtropics, mainly in China, India and also in USA, Argentina. It is pulse plant, which fruit (hulls) are pushed under the ground and there they ripen. They contain till 50-60 % of fat, 20-30 % of proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose, etc. They occur in different forms: raw and roasted, whole, halves, diced with different sizes, meal, paste. They are used mainly in food industry as the ingredient to cakes, ice-creams,[...]



Hazelnuts grow in Europe and Asia. The fruit is the nut called hazelnut, with the round or a little oval shape with hard and bright brown shell. Inside there is edible kernel. They contain about 65% of fat, 16% of protein, 35% of sugar, viatmines and mineral salts, potassium, magnesium and copper. The hazelnuts harvests are in September. Then they are transported to processing plant, where they are sorted because of quality, and where the information regarding the origin, producer etc. is made.[...]



Almond tree is a typical fruit Mediterranean variety. Botanically it is classified as the member of Rosacea family, Prunus genus, Amygdalus subgenus. Almond trees are very resistant and of long standing, in basin of Mediterranean Sea they live from 60 to 80 years, sometimes even a century. They are also grown in California. In Mediterranean countries the almonds in hard shells are grown traditionally. Most of Spanish grown varieties have hard, non-porous shells, what differs them from Californian[...]


[India]Processed cashew kernel

We offer Cashew kernels duly processed by steaming, shelling, drying, peeling, grading and final quality inspection. We can offer roasted cashew kernel also. SPECIFICATIONS: Standard specifications for Indian cashew kernels for export have been laid down by the Government of India under the banner of Cashew Export Promotion Council of India. GRADES: Cashew Kernels are graded into white/scorched wholes, pieces, splits, butts etc. depending on the shape, size & colour of the kernel. W[...]