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- WHOLE WALNUT IN SHELL: - Caliber: 28mm40%, 30mm40%, 32mm up20%. - Shape: round. - Moisture 8% max.; admixture1% max; imperfect 3% max. - Thickness of the shell: 0.9-1.5mm.And from one kg walnut in shell, you can get 0.5-0.6kg kernels. - Packing Detail: polypropylene sack per 10, 25 kg or in carton (2 X 10Kg Vacuum packing Bags), Could also be packed according to customers’ requirements. - Style: Dried (No garbage, no black, no rotten). inside Kernels dry, healthy free of damage,[...]


[India]Processed cashew kernel

We offer Cashew kernels duly processed by steaming, shelling, drying, peeling, grading and final quality inspection. We can offer roasted cashew kernel also. SPECIFICATIONS: Standard specifications for Indian cashew kernels for export have been laid down by the Government of India under the banner of Cashew Export Promotion Council of India. GRADES: Cashew Kernels are graded into white/scorched wholes, pieces, splits, butts etc. depending on the shape, size & colour of the kernel. W[...]


[Georgia]Raw hazelnut kernels

Raw hazelnut kernels crop 2005 Origin: Georgia Sizes: 11-13mm,13-15mm,15mm-17mm Quality: Moisture atletiko b 103C (Umidity) - max. 6%; Mould, rancid, black fruits, fungi - max 2,5%; Total aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2)< 4ppb, B1< 2ppb. Packing: 60kg jute bags Min. order: 20'container for C&F terms or 1800kg(30x60kg bags) for DDP European Union countries Delivery terms: C&F or DDP European Union countries . Payment terms: CAD for C&F , or Express[...]


[United States]Cashew Nuts kernels

We are the main sour of cashew nuts in Vietnam. My family had 13 companies, been processing cashews for generation now. It all collects to one main company to sour out the good to export. Therefore clients with large order and long term business relationship don not have to worry about our quality, quantity and reputation. Please note that we offer considerable discount for larges order. So please let me know how much (tons) that you need each month or just one time order so I can quote you our[...]


[Philippines]Desiccated Coconut

Philippine manufacturer of the Desiccated Coconut. Available cuts are desiccated coconut Fine, Medium, Fancy Shred, Flakes, and Chips. It can come as Sweetened or Toasted or Toasted Sweetened. Our product is Kosher Certified and also Organic Certified[...]


[Bulgaria]Striped sunflower seeds - roasted and salted

Roasted and salted sunflower seeds 0,100kg.[...]


[Bulgaria]Fried peanuts - with salt

Fried peanuts - vacuum packaging, with salt, 0,050kg; 0,080kg.; 0,100kg.; 0,250kg.; 0,500kg.; 1,000kg.;[...]


[Russian Federation]Sell Raw Hazelnut Kernel

Dear Madams/Sirs We are offering hazelnut kernels 2005 crop year, origin of Georgia with following specifications: Caliber: 11-13, 13-15mm % Moistures atletiko b 103C (Umidity) max. 6,0 % Shriveled fruits max. 4,5 % Mouldy, rancid, black fruits, fungi max. 3,5 Aflatoxins (B+G) max.0004 mg/kg Aflatoxins (Bl) max.0002 mg/kg Packing: 60 kg net in jute bags. Terms of delivery and payment are negotiable. We are looking for your specific inquiry. Sincereli Ekaterine Lataria Manager GeoEst[...]


[Bulgaria]Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn - with salt, 0,100 kg.[...]


[Bangladesh]business from bangladesh

Incepted in early 1995 ILA TRADERS is one of Bangladesh's leading trading house of exportable commodities of Bangladesh & producer of PEANUT. Our stuff has long years of experience in organized cultivation product sourcing and processing. We have over the years established a special marks for our sale in the PEANUT trade. We provide exceptionally PEANUT that meet both the US and European quality and Hygiene standards. Quality We believe that "QUALITY is the best way of winning clients".[...]