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[China]silk extract

100% silk cocoons extract( essence) Silk essence contains rich natural amino acids like glycine, alanine, serine and tyrosine. It is widely used in health foods: to reduce the blood fat for weight loss and diabetes cure products. In cosmetic: nourish the skin, anti-melanin, beautify the hair color, which is widely used in facial cream mask, face cream, body lotion, lip balm, shampoo, rinse,bath gel, soap etc.[...]


[China]sell rapeseed oil

Our range of products for Edible Oils/Cooking Fats consists of Refined Palm Oil based or soft oils such as Soybean Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Oil and Sunflower Oil. In addition to said products we are also involved in the business of Animal.[...]


[Ukraine]Sell Soybean oil

Our company, Agropartner LLC, is the supplier of plant oils from Ukraine. Please let us offer you Crude Soybean oil of Ukrainian origin. Product quality corresponds to Ukrainian state standards and EU regulations. Packing - in bulk in tanks, flexi tanks. Deliveries are possible on FCA, CPT, DAP, CFR basis. Big quantities, own brokerage and shipping per schedule are possible. we are open for cooperation with everyone. Please feel free to contact us for details.[...]


[Israel]Olive oil-extra vergin olive oil

Extra vergin olive oil in glass bottles 1000 ml 750 ml 650 ml[...]


[Philippines]Coconut Oil

Philippine manufacturer of Coconut Oils like RBD Coconut Oil, Crude Coconut Oil, Cochin Oil, and Virgin Coconut Oil. Our product is Kosher Certified and Organic Certified[...]


[China]Starch, Oil, Glucose, maltodextrin,inositol(NF12) of Corn

一、玉米淀粉corn/maize starch,变性淀粉modified starch Oxidized starch is surface adhesive for papermaking, acetyl oxidized starch is coating adhesive for papermaking, cationic starch is Intensifier in the slurry used in papermaking. corn/maize starch PROTEIN <0.35% MOISTURE <13.5% PH 5.4-6.4 SO2≤30PPM FINESS ≥99.5%, pass 100 mesh ASH ≤0.15% FAT≤0.15% 二、蛋白粉corn gluten meal(protein>60%), 蛋白饲料corn gluten feed(protein>18%),[...]


[Poland]Perle d'olive BEST OLIVE OIL IN THE WORLD

We offer the best TUNISIAN OLIVE OIL , we very competitive price . please feel free to contact us for further information .[...]


[Cameroon]sunflower oil

we have this product known as sunflower oil both crude and refined in stock now.Our sunflower our is fit for human consumption and other purpose.So we call on interested buyer to contact us now[...]


[Malaysia]Vegetable cooking oils

We produce and export cooking oils like palm oil,corn oil,soybeans oil,sunflower oils.Our oils are 100% refined fit for human consumption.We supply at a good FOB and CIF prices to any port in the world.Interested buyers can contact us now for long term business.[...]


[Moldova]sunflower oil

This pale yellow colored oil, extracted from sunflower seeds, is high in poly-unsaturated fats and low in saturates. As very stable oil, Sunflower oil has a long shelf life, without hydrogenation. With a rela-tively low smoke point, it can be used for shallow frying, cooking and salad dressings. Neutral in flavor and aroma, and its healthy proportions made our Sunflower oil popular in kitchens decades ago, and now, Sunflower oil ranks the fourth most used oil worldwide. PARAMETER CHEMICAL SPECIFICATIONS[...]