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[China]castic soda(NaOH) Flakes,Pearls

Formula: NaOH Properties: Colorless crystaline with the shape of flake, block , and granula. Specifications: Items Standard NaOH Content (%) ≥ 99.00 Fe2O3 (%) ≤ 0.005 Na2CO3(%) ≤ 0.7 NaCl(%) ≤ 0.05 Application: It is the main raw materials for the production of soap; In the papermaking industry ,it can dissolve the impurity of the wood pulp , so that the pure fibre can be available the papermaking ; in Textile Industry it can be used in the production of the fabric[...]


[India]Walnut Shell Grains

This product is obtain by crushing the shell of walnut fruit. It is known as soft type of abrasive and used for blast cleaning of any surface and engin parts without scratching the surface. It is used in west water filteration process to remove solids, oil and harmful contaminents. It is also used in cosmetics to mfg skin scrubs.[...]


[China]Cefoselis sulfate

Cefoselis sulfate cas 122841-12-7[...]


[China]Lithopone 28-30%/30% Min

Case No.:1345-05-7; H.S. Code: 32064210.00 Lithopone is a white pigment composed of a mixture of barium sulfate (28 - 30%) and zinc sulfide (68 - 70%) with trace amounts of zinc oxide. It is produced by precipitation through filtering, heating and quenching works. Lithopone has mostly been replaced by titanium dioxide which is more durable, but it is much cheaper. It is used as a base for lake pigment and used as a inert pigment for paint, ink and cosmetics as well as in a large range of applications[...]


[China]Iron Oxide Red/ Yellow/ Black/ Green/Brown

Case No.:1309-37-1; H.S. Code: 28211000.00 Iron Oxide is a reddish-brown to black powder that occurs naturally as the mineral hematite. It can be produced synthetically by igniting virtually any ferrous compound in air. Iron oxide is the basis of a series of pigments ranging from yellow to a red known as Venetian red. It is one kind of inorganic pigment, with high opacity, strong tinting strength as well as good dispersion. Its outstanding light resistance and weather proof make it attractive[...]


[China]Titanium Dioxide Anatase/Rutile Type

Case No.:13463-67-7; H.S. Code: 32061110.00 Titanium dioxide, also known as titania is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO2. Pure titanium dioxide does not occur in nature but is derived from ilmenite or leuxocene ores. It is also readily mined in one of the purest forms, rutile beach sand. An important use of titanium dioxide is in powder form as a pigment for providing whiteness and opacity to such products such as paints and coatings but also plastics, paper, inks,[...]


[China]Carbon Black N220/N330/N550/N660

Case No.:1333-86-4; H.S. Code: 28030000.00 An intensely black powder, Carbon black is produced by the reaction of a hydrocarbon fuel such as oil or gas with a limited supply of combustion air at temperatures of 1320 to 1540℃ (2400 to 2800℉). The unburned carbon is collected as an extremely fine black fluffy particle, 10 to 500 nanometers (nm) in diameter. Carbon Black is used mainly as a reinforcing agent in rubber products such as tires, tubes, conveyer belts, cables and other mechanical rubber[...]


[China]Zinc Oxide 99%/99.5%/99.7% Min

Case No.:1314-13-2; H.S. Code: 28170010.00 Zinc Oxide is white powder, no poison, and no smelling, double quality oxide. It dissolves in Acid, Alkali and Amine Chloride soluton. It does not dissolve in Water and Alcohol. In the air, it can absorb water and carbon dioxide. When it is heated to 1800, it will sublimate; after the heat goes down, it goes back to white. It is alkalinity, so it can be made into paint with oil. Usages: In rubber production Zinc Oxide works as vulcanized active agent of[...]


[China]Aluminium Sulphate 17% Min.

Case No.:10043-01-3; H.S. Code: 28332200.00 Aluminum Sulfate can exist with varying proportions of water, the common form being Al2(SO4)3.18H2O. It is almost insoluble in anhydrous alcohol, but readily soluble in water. Above 770℃ decomposition to aluminium oxide is observed. Aluminium sulfate is mainly used in water treatment, dyeing, leather tanning and in the production of other aluminium compounds. Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) is a white crystalline product which is almost insoluble in anhydrous[...]


[China]Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) 31% Min

Case No.:1327-41-9; H.S. Code: 28273200.00 Appearance: Yellow, brown powder or particles. Performances and Uses: (1)As a water-cleaning agent, it has the advantages of small dosage, low cost, and strong practicability. It has competitive price and a wide range of application. According to the feedback of customers with long-term use of this product, it enjoys significant effect and accordingly well favored by them. (2) It has ideal cleaning effects on all water turbidity and pollutant concentrations. (3)It[...]