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[China]Polyurethane products

ADQS-142, no CFC(water as a blowing agent), used to thermally pre-insulated pipeline system for district heating.[...]


[China]Field-Joint material for CWC pipeline

OCPF® AD-200K is used to produce the open-cell polyurethane rigid (PUR) foam intended specifically for use as joint fill material of offshore pipeline[...]


[China]sell caustic soda flakes,pearls,solid

Caustic soda , sodium hydroxide Caustic soda , sodium hydroxide Molecular formula: NaOH Molecular weight: 40.00 2. Materialization nature :Appearance: flake, solid, peals The purely solid caustic soda is white, there are bulk , ranular, the quality is fragile ; The purely liquid caustic soda is the colourless transparent liquid. Dissolve caustic soda in water, it will send out heat and the aqueous solution is alkaline. Corrosivity is extremely strong, have function of corroding[...]


[China]castic soda(NaOH) Flakes,Pearls

Formula: NaOH Properties: Colorless crystaline with the shape of flake, block , and granula. Specifications: Items Standard NaOH Content (%) ≥ 99.00 Fe2O3 (%) ≤ 0.005 Na2CO3(%) ≤ 0.7 NaCl(%) ≤ 0.05 Application: It is the main raw materials for the production of soap; In the papermaking industry ,it can dissolve the impurity of the wood pulp , so that the pure fibre can be available the papermaking ; in Textile Industry it can be used in the production of the fabric[...]


[China]Monoammonium phosphate

Monoammonium Phosphate NH4H2PO4 (Technical Grade) CAS 7722-76-1 Guaranteed Specifications Main contents: 99.0% Min. Phosphorus pentoxide: 61.0% Min. Nitrogen, as N: 12.0% Min. Moisture: 0.1% Max. Water insoluble: 0.10% Max.[...]


[China]Trisodium Phosphate

TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE Na3PO4.12H2O (Technical Grade) CAS 10101-89-0 Guaranteed Specifications Content of Na3PO4.12H2O: 98.0% min. Water insoluble: 0.1% max. Sulfate (SO42-): 0.5%max. Chloride (Cl): 0.3%max. Iron (Fe): 0.001% max. Na2O: 17% Min. Appearance: white crystal or yellow[...]


[India]Used armless chair moulds

We also develop new chair moulds with good quality at competitive price.The details of the used chair mould is give below: Product description: Armless chair Product size (mm): 400*350*890 Product weight (gms): 2379[...]


[China]Sodium hexametaphosphate

SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE (NaPO3)6 (Technical Grade) CAS 68915-31-1 Guaranteed Specifications Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5): 68.0%min. Inactive Phosphate (P2O5): 7.5%max. Water Indissoluble: 0.1%max. Iron (Fe): 0.05%max. PH value (1% solution): 5.8~7.3 Appearance: white powder granular or flake.[...]


[China]Sell Sodium bromide

We can supply Sodium bromide,which are mainly Used as sensitization film, photograph emulsion material and photographic paper.[...]


[China]tungsten disulfide(WS2)

We produce WS2 500t/a,and the product quality reaches or even exceeds advanced world standard. Purity of WS2 =99~99.9%;W=73.5~74.3wt%;S=25.82~26.5wt%,Fsss=0.4、0.5、0.6、0.7、0.8、1.0、2.0、4.0、5.0、6.0μm and so on;Inside applying double-fold vacuum package, and outside using metal drum, 25Kg per drum; or manufacturing and packaging according to the demands of clients. WS2 superfine powder is a new lubricating material, has excellent lubrication performance. It can be as an[...]