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[Estonia]Lacquers Varnishes for furniture

MANUFACTURE COATINGS FOR WOOD * NC Lacquers * NC Paints * NC-Uretan Lacquers * Acid Curing Lacquers * Aqua Lacquers * Aqua Paints * Stains o solvent stains o spirit stains o aqua stains * Bases for Stains * Thinners for o NC Lacquers&Paints o UV Lacquers&Paints o EPOXYDE Paints o others[...]


[China]VAGH or VAGF or VAGD or VROH or Solbin A countertype

Vinyl Chloride / Vinyl Acetate / Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer Description BDOH solution vinyl resin is a high molecular weight, hydroxyl-functional, partiallyhydrolized vinyl chloride / vinyl acetate resin. It is supplied as a powder. Applications BDOH solution vinyl resin can be used for a wide range of coatings applications, including flexible packaging, wood finishes, paper coatings, metal decorative and container coatings, industrial maintenance and marine finishes, and as a binder[...]


[China]Wall-hung toilet water tank MG-2020

* PP material * dual flush * white color * different colors available * double function: flush W.C. and wash hands * save water * fast filling and silent operation[...]


[Egypt]Alkyd Resin

Long oil Alkyd resin Medium Oil Alkyd Short Oil -Air Dry Short Oil - Non air Dry Urethenated Alkyd Urethenated Oil Styrenated Alkyd Resin Treted Oil (Boiled Oil) Thixtropic Alkyd Resin[...]


[India]selling of Paints

Dear Sir, we can give Paints with all varieties like Emulsions,Distempers,Primers and cement based and Lime based powdered paints from India on ex-factory. ALL THE PAINTS WE CAN ON INDIAN STANDARDS ONLY[...]


[Poland]facade thermal insulation systems

If You are: - trader on the façade thermal insulation materials market - contractor which use the façade thermal insulation materials - manufacturer in façade thermal insulation materials sector we would like to offer the delivery of façade paints, primers, acrylic, silicon or silicate plasters. If it would be more interested for You - those product could be delivered under Your private label. For further information contact, please, our Sales Department. Let[...]


[China]automobile paint

Foshan Shunde Mingbang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of automobile paint, furniture lacquer, wall finish, hammer finish, orange-figured paint, poly-putty, industrial paint, plastic paint, and baking varnish, and is located in Ronggui and the Lunjiao Shunde-the world famous paint manufacturing base. Since we started to research, develop and manufacture our products in 1995, we have possessed specialized characteristics and professional level in developing and manufacturing ...[...]


[China]CCA wood preservative

Wood preservative CCA - C is in the world today considered as the widely used water-soluble compound preservative with optimal performance and best effect.Because of its resistence to corrosion, termites, maggot it is widely used in industrial lumber and wooden products such as wooden pole, marine wood, wooden sleeper, cooling tower, wooden pile and other outdoor wooden products. CCA-C wood preservative is kind of claybank concentrated solution with strong anticorrosion ability. I can fix the wood[...]


[China]Supply C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resins

Our compnay manufacture C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resins. Color: 5#, 6# Softening point: 100 °C Recommended application fields: adhesive, hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, road marking paint, rubber synthetic etc. If you are interested in our product, please contact Mr Guan.[...]


[China]C9 Light Color Hydrocarbon Resins

Professionally supply C9 light color Hydrocarbon Resins, color gardner 4# 5# 6#, softening point from 100 ºC to 140 ºC, used in Rubber Synthetic, Adhesive, Hotl Melt Adhesives, Printing ink, Paints industry etc. Any need, pls feel free to contact Mr Guan.[...]