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[India]CommPacket SoftPhones & CommPacket Click-to-Talk

CommPacket SoftPhones & CommPacket Click-to-Talk: A. Supports both H.323 and SIP B. Both PC / Web based versions available C. 2-stage Dialing (Authentication & Calling) D. Subscriber gets authenticated using his/her User-Name & Password or PIN & TPIN Number. E. Displays User name, User Phone Number, Account Balance, Last Dialed calls, Last Received calls. F. Support for real-time account balance during outgoing calls. G. Support for G.711, G729 and G.723 Codecs. H.[...]


[India]CommPacket Billing and Subscriber Management System

The CommPacket Billing Server from NEXGE, which is a billing and subscriber management system is built to work seamlessly with the CommPacket Softswitch product line. The Server provides the backend support for various services rolled out over IP Telephony. Whatever your needs might be, prepaid or postpaid, or wholesale long distance charging, the CommPacket Billing Server handles it all. It also has an authentication system alongside a subscriber self-provisioning portal to make your customers’[...]


[India]CommPacket SIP Proxy

The CommPacket Softswitch from Nexge Technologies features a truly open design that does on rely on one particular protocol, standard, design or access technology. It is based on standard computing platforms that permit near linear performance enhancements by the simple addition of processors and memory. In addition, the softswitch adapts easily to the constantly changing needs of the service providers. It supports session, media, and service control in the wired, wireless and other access technologies[...]


[India]CommPacket Media Proxy

Apart from having proven itself to work with any device, with or without support for NAT Traversal built-in, the Media Proxy also has the capability of penetrating through any level of subnets, which is a claim that very few other techniques in the industry can claim. The MediaProxy also makes certain that the security of the network is not compromised by the use of a dynamic allocation technique to open and close ports, making it impossible for intruders to find a way into the network under the[...]