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[China]Hot water cylinder

Hot water cylinder with internal copper coil or stainless steel coil is for heating domestic hot water . Cylinder without internal coil is used for heat pump buffer tank . Standard Capacity: 100L, 150L, 200L, 250L, 300L,500L Material of insulating layer: polyurethane Material of inner lining:stainless steel 304 3kw and 6kw electric heater with control box is option Jacket tank is available Double or single Internal copper coil heat exchanger is option[...]


[South Korea]Gas/oil/electric boiler, Korean manufacturer

Han Bong Co., Ltd is reliable Korean manufacturer heating and hot/cold water supply equipment We have a variety of boilers as well: Gas/oil/electric boiler from 16 000 to 400 000 Kcal Stainless steel/steel boilers Condensing gas boiler (waste heat recovery boiler), Boiler combines water softener[...]


[Poland]bathroom radiators

Tired of your old boring bathroom? Wondering what to add or how to enhance it? Don't bother yourself any longer - the answer is at hand! Browse through the wide range of stunning and eye-catching designs and finishes of our radiators and you will find something for yourself. Our radiators in a variety of shapes and colours can create a look that will suit your personal taste and the new image of your bathroom will trigger your neighbours' jealousy.[...]


[China]Water Heater

The specification of product: 1.Area of collector:3.57m2. 2.Vacuum tube:Diameter--58mm,Length--2000mm,Qulity--24pieces. 3.Tank Volume:240 liters 4.Gross wet:144kgs 5.Container loading:20'GP--22sets,40'GP--48 sets,40'HC--54 sets The characteristic: 1.Use the copper coil as the heat exchanger,according with international fashion trend,it is simple to install and use. 2.It takes the advantage of the tap water's pressure,more pressure,more comfortable. 3.It can produce[...]


[China]Sell soalr water heater

We are the biggest manufacture base for exporting solar water.Now we can supply lots of kinds solar water heater like pressurized solar water heater,split solar water heater,Non pressurized solar water heater.[...]


[China]ceramic fibre and soluble fibre

DatongEagles produces a full of refractory fibre wool ,each of which offers its own unique combination of properties.Withthese bulk wool for further productions ,blanket,board,paper and bond,vacuum formed products and textiles can be made. Solublr fibre is also called alkaline earth silicate fibre made from raw materials such as silicate ,calcium and magnesium with special producing technology .[...]


[China]Ceramic fibre blanket

Datong Eagles ceramic fibre blanket is manufactured from pure raw materials and processed by spinning fibre and double -side technique to enhance its strength and surface integrity and blanket products do not contain organic binders.[...]


[China]Ceramic fibre board

Eagles board is produced by spun or blown fibre and vacuum formed process technique with proprietary organic and inorganic binders to form an intergrity variety of thickness board product.[...]


[Poland]Boiler ATMOS DC 22S - 15-22 kW

Boiler ATMOS DC 22S - 15-22 kW[...]


[Poland]FAKORA MOC KZ-3 - 32,6kW

FAKORA MOC KZ-3 - 32,6kW 10 lat gwarancji[...]