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[China]EB902 Scale

4pcs sensor and MCU measuring technology Wooden platform Capacity: 150kg / 330 lb Division: 0.1kg( or 0.2 lb) Display:25mm(1.0'')LCD digits Auto zero / auto off Low battery / over load indication Power: 1 pcs × 3v lithium cell (CR 2032)[...]


[China]Digital Jewelry scale

Model 1020 (Patented Product): A very distinguished and highly precise instrument 1020, adopted the newest IC which makes it extremely accurate and durable. Perfectly design for weighing gemstones, precious metals, and gunpowder. With a store house in the scale base, which is provided for scoop and gem tweezers. Capacity: 10g, 20g, 30g, 50g Division(d): 0.001g, 0.002g Weighing units: g , ct, dwt, oz Automatic power-off : 1 minute Operation temperature: 0'C - 40'C (32'F - 104'F) Supply[...]


[China]Jewelry scale, carat scale

Model J-1250 (Patented Product): Newest style of jewelry scale Capacity: 10g, 20g, 30g, 50g Division(d): 0.001g, 0.002g Weighing units: g ,ct,gn,dwt Automatic power-off : 1 minute Touch Screen With an automatic rising-and-down shield Operation temperature: 0'C - 40'C (32'F - 104'F) Supply power: DC 3V (1 x CR2032 LI battery) Indicates low battery: LO_ Overload indication: O_Ld Backlight Color: Green AC adapter and battery optional. Scale size: 160 x 130 x 45mm Product N.W.: 245g[...]


[China]Jewelry scale, Digital scale

Model:NJA Capacity: 10g, 20g Accuracy: 0.001g, 0.002g Units:g, oz, dwt, ozt, ct, gn Automatic Power-Off High Accuracy,Zero(Tare)Feature Temperature :0'C-40'C (32'F-104'F) Supply Power : 1.5V*4 (AAA batteries) Size:115 x 66 x 35mm N.W.: 90g[...]


[China]Body Fat Scale BF-7

* 4HIGHLY RECISE STRAIN GAUGE SENSORS * MAX CAPACITY:150kg/(330LB/24ST) * DIVISION:0.1KG/0.2lb * BODY FAT MEASUREMENT RAT RANG : 0-80%(0.1% in graduation) * HYDRATION MEASREMENT RANG:10-75%(0.1% in graduation) * MEMORY PERSONS :10 * AGE:10-80 years * HEIGHT DATA MODE:100cm-220cm * POWER:2PCS-LITHIUM,BATTERY(CR2032),INCLUDED * FOOT TAP SWITCH * AUTO ZERO-AUTO OFF * LOW BATTERY/OVERLOAD INDICATION Carton size: 340×307×352mm 5PCS/CTN N.W.:6.2kg G.W.:6.8kg 20 feet container can hold[...]


[China]Kitchen Scale KN-23

*Equipped with a high precision strain-gauge sensor; *Tempered safety plate glass platform *Capacity:5Kg/1g *LCD display *Automatic switch off *Overload indicator "OL" *Tare function *Low battery indicator *Operated by 2pcs AAA baterry Carton size:425*235*237mm 6pcs/CTN G.W.:7Kg 20 feet container can hold 6318pcs 40 feet container can hold 13122pcs[...]


[China]pH tester

Digital pH Meter Tester - Universal Tester! 1. Pen-type PH Meter 2. Lightweight and compact 3. Quick accurate readings 4. Membrane switching 5. Long Battery Life This handy pH pen/meter is a great tool for any aquarist. It is extremely easy to use and is waterproof. Simply dip the meter in the solution to get the pH reading. Its high accuracy and resolution also make it suitable even for the most-demanding applications. Specifications: YM-901 Large Readout Display Range: 0.00-14.00[...]


[China]Kitchen Scale KN-8

SPECIFICATION * Capacity:3kg×1g * HIGH PRECISION STRAIN GAUGE SENSOR * LCD DISPLAY * AUTO ZERO-AUTO OFF * LOW BATTERY/OVER LOAD INDICATION * POWER:1×3V-LITHIUM BATTERY:(CR2032) INCLUDED Carton size: 493×336×255mm 10PCS/CTN N.W.:4.2kg G.W.:6.1kg 20 feet container can hold 6628pcs 40 feet container can hold 15861pcs[...]


[China]TDS meter

TDS-905 TDS Testers (NEW) TDS Range: 0 ~ 9990ppm (mg/L) Temp. Range: 0 - 80 degrees Celsius Resolution: 1 ppm, 1 degree Celsius (also available in 10 ppm) Accuracy: +/- 2% ATC: Built-in sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation of 1 to 50 degrees Celsius (33 to 122 degrees Farenheit) Power source: 2 x 1.5V button cell batteries (included) Battery life: over 1,000 hours of continuous use Dimensions: 15.5 x 3.1 x 2.3cm (6.1 x 1.25 x 1 inches) Calibration: Factory calibrated.[...]


[China]Pocket/Jewelry Scale PT-9

SPECIFICATION * HIGH PRECISION STRAIN GAUGE SENSOR * SOFT PAKING(EASY TO KEEP) * CAPACITY:50g×0.01g;150g/250g/350g/500g×0.1g; * LCD DISPLAY * AUTO ZERO-AUTO OFF * LOW BATTERY/OVER LOAD INDICATION * POWER:1×3v-LITHIUM BATTERY (CR2032),INCLUDED Carton size:749×238×182mm 100PCS/CTN N.W.:8.1kg G.W.:12.7kg 20 feet container can hold 86303pcs 40 feet container can hold 206511pcs[...]