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[Taiwan]Used Main Board

* Used Main Board For PC : Socket 370 , Socket 462 , Socket 478 For Laptop : IBM, DELL, HP, Compaq Used Main Board for PC ALL Tested by boot to DOS, 7 Days Warranty Mixed brand, Mixed Chip Set 1. For Socket 478 CPU FSB 400 MHz Use DDR RAM VGA On Board or Add on AGP VGA Card Included Sound On Board or Add on PCI Sound Card Included LAN On Board or Add on PCI LAN Card Included Mixed ATX or M-ATX 2. For Socket 462 CPU FSB 200 MHz Use SDRAM VGA On Board or Add[...]


[Taiwan]Used CPU

* Used CPU Slot 1 : Pentium II & Celeron Socket 370 : Pentium III & Celeron Socket 462 : AMD Socket 478 : Celeron & Pentium 4 FSB400 Socket 478 CPU 256K L2 Cache , FSB 400MHz Tested, 7 days warranty P4 1.5GHz P4 1.6GHz P4 1.7GHz P4 1.8GHz[...]


[Taiwan]Used Hard Disk Driver

* Used Hard Disk Driver Pulled, tested 3.5" IDE HDD 10G 20G 30G 40G 60G 80G 100G 120G Mixed of ALL brand. ALL tested. 30 days warranty[...]


[China]Loudspeaker for Notebook PC.

Basic Specification Impedance:4ohm+/-15% ResonantFreq.Fo:1200Hz Input:3w/MAX3.5w(Peak SPL) Sensitivity:82 dB Height:10 mm Length:74 mm Width:22 mm Distortion <5%[...]


[Taiwan]Used DRAM Module

*Used DRAM, ALL Tested! 180 days warranty SD DIMM 128MB PC100-133 SD DIMM 256MB for VIA, SiS SD DIMM 256MB SD DIMM 512MB for i845 , VIA , SiS SD DIMM 512MB for i815 DDR DIMM 256MB DDR DIMM 512MB DDR DIMM 1GB for SiS, VIA, NF DDR DIMM 1GB for ALL SD SO-DIMM 128MB SD SO-DIMM 256MB 8ic[...]


[Malaysia]memory modules

We are a wholesaler/manufacturer for memory modules from malaysia. Currently we are exporting to world wide such as north and south america, Europe, Russia, India, and Asean. We are looking for new partner worldwide. thanks[...]


[Taiwan]VIZO FREEZER Thermal-control case fan

[Features] *Magnetic Long-Life Bearing Dramatically extends fan lifetime *With automatic fan speed control via a thermal sensor *More Reliable & Stable *Ultra Quiet / Long Life [Specification] *Model: FZ8025 / FZ12025 *Dimensions: 80x80x25mm / 120x120x25mm *Related Voltage: 12V / 12V *Power Input: 1.7 ~ 2W / 1.5 ~ 1.8W *Fan Speed: 1900 ~ 3000 R.P.M. / 1350 ~ 2100 R.P.M. *Air Flow: 28.5 ~ 44.3 CFM / 43.2 ~ 64.3 CFM *Noise: 20 ~ 34.5 dBA / 20 ~ 32.5 dBA *Life: 50,000hrs / 50,000hrs [...]


[Taiwan]VIZO Sleet DDR cooler

All of your cooling needs for DDR/ DDRII/ DDR III memory are combined in one value pack. This high-performance memory cooling kit keeps your DDR / DDR II / DDR III memory cool and prevents damage to system, especially in an overclocked environment. [Features] High conductivity thermal pad Dissipate RAM heat improving its performance Avoid system crash caused by RAM overheat Meet user-friendly design Compatible with all standard DDR / DDR II / DDR III modules Efficient[...]


[Taiwan]VIZO Mini Ninja laptop cooler

Real 350 mm long For 7"~15.4" Widescreen Notebook PC Aluminum Casing Compact, Space Saving & Portable Adjustable Positions for Fans Ergonomic Designed Angle Low dBA Level [FEATURES] Real 350 mm long for 7”~15.4” Widescreen Notebook PC Reduce the temperature of your notebook PC for best performance Aluminum casing for excellent heat dissipation Dual fans provide the maximum airflow and air pressure Adjustable positions for fans to suit your needs Low dBA level[...]


[Taiwan]VIZO XENA II Notebook cooler

Advantage : For 12"~15.4" Notebook PC Built-in Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan Excellent Heat Dissipation 360-degree Swivel Base Adjustable Ergonomic Viewing Holder Light Weight & Portable [FEATURES] Multi-purpose and high performance notebook cooler Reduce the temperature of your notebook PC for best performance Built-in a cooling fan to provide the maximum airflow and air pressure Low dBA level 360-degree swivel base can be rotated to suit your needs Adjustable ergonomic[...]