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[China]Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceuticals products such as capsules, tablets, pill, pastille, small-size food, candy, etc. Protect layer (OP)/Outer printing layer/Aluminum foil based-material (AL) inside printing layer/Bond (VC). Use in drugs blister packaging machine. Specifications: Alloy/Temper: 8011/H18 Width: 200mm - 1000mm Thickness: 20microns - 40microns Surface: One-side matte and one-side bright / two sides bright. Performance and the characteristic:[...]


[China]Tear tape

We are tear tapes manufacturer, Hair Gold Line, Solid red, Single Silver, Hot-melt, holographic etc, all sizes are available.Our tapes are widely used in the packing of cigarettes, medicines, Audio-visual product together with the films. Certificated ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSMS18000, all of our products are high in quality and lower in price. More information, pls feel free to contact me. Thanks![...]


[China]Eye Drop Bottles(PET)

Made from PET. From 5ml to 30ml.[...]


[China]PVC films

We are a PVC,PP,PET trade company in China.We have many stable suppliers in China,we handle soft PVC (for windows,table cloth,shower curtains,etc),rigid PVC,PP,PET(for printable,thermoforming,wrapping,etc) between China and Europe.We also have some commission agents and margin agents in Europe.[...]



Box for store room Nr 0 149 x 89 x 69 Box for store room Nr 1 199 x 135 x 100 Box for store room Nr 2 298 x 179 x 149 Box for store room Nr 3 400 x 269 x 199 Rotation box[...]


[Poland]Jar for sprinkle products

Jar for sprinkle products - 0,8 l, 1,0 l, 1,5 l, 2,0 l[...]


[China]PE film

PE FILM SPEC PROPERTY USAGE Width: 100-1500mm, Thickness: 0.006mm-0.15mm Transparent, Nonpoisonous, Acid and alkali resistance, Low temperature resistance, Soft hand feel, Easy to hot seal Shedding agricultural film, Base material for food or apparel packaging, Drop sheet PP FILM ITEM SPEC PROPERTY USAGE PP FILM Width:100-760mm, Thickness:0.025-0.08mm Transparent, Nonpoisonous, Light, Stiff hand feel For packing garments, foodstuffs, stamp and photo albums BOPP FILM[...]


[China]bops sheet

Characteristics of BOPS Non-toxic, non-taste, odorless, low in density, best transparency, higher rigidity, surface hardness and gross, excellent stability for dimension, easily-processed, surface decorative effect and electric performance. BOPS products are environment friendly material and appointed as one of the recyclable environmental products by China Environmental Protection Administration. BOPS satisfies standard of FDA from USA and EEC from Europe, could contact foods directly.[...]


[China]Anti-Static Films,

Anti-Static Films Anti static film is a single layer of non-amide polyethylene. These films are build-ups of static. They are used to protect sensitive components inside packaging. They protect package contents from the internal generation of static electricity. They are non-corrosive films. They are available in the form of bags, tubing, and sheeting. An anti-static film used for packaging can be laminated on various base layers using a thermoplastic resin as a bonding agent to create an anti-static[...]


[China]Bottle cap mould

The mould used: Good steel with high hardness Good accessories with high brightness Good machining with high precise parts fall down from the mold fully automatically after ejected.[...]