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[China]Dehydrated shiitake mushroom

Commodity Shiitake Mushroom Specification Whole, Dia.: 2-4cm,4-6cm; Granule, 8-12mm; Strip, Length:>=2cm Package 10KG/CTN, 10KG/CTN, 10KG/CTN Quantity 500CTNS/40, 850CTNS/40', 500CTNS/40' Carton Size 57x45x45cm, 48x38x38cm, 57x45x45cm Production Season Nov. - Feb.[...]


[Poland]Seasonal mushrooms

Seasonal mushrooms: trugs: 1kg[...]


[Poland]Brown field mushrooms

Brown field mushrooms: 3 - 4cm 4 - 5cm luz: 3kg kubek: 250g[...]


[Poland]White field mushrooms

White field mushrooms: class I 4 - 5cm luz: 3kg kubek: 500g[...]


[China]Shimeji Mushroom in Brine

Grade S: Dia. 0.8-1.5cm,Stem 4cm Max. Grade M: Dia. 1.5-2.5cm,Stem 5cm Max.[...]



Morels: (morchella escullenta,conica) dried: extra grade :cap 2-6cm on height,without stem,no sand ,no foreign matters,broken percentage <2pct, special grade: cap 2-6cm on height,stem below 2cm, no sand ,no foreign matters,broken percentage <2pct, frozen:extra grade and special grade same as dried[...]


[China]Artichokes carciofo

In tinns, in glass jars and frozen: the heart, quarter, half size and bottom.[...]


[China]Armillaria mellea in brine

Cap below 5cm, broken 20pct below, stem below 4cm, without black root.[...]


[China]Nameko (pholiota mutabilis)

In brine: AA grade, A, cap close, B half opened C cap whole opened stem below 3cm Nameko in frozen: S cap 0.8-1.2cm M cap 1.2-1.8cm L cap 1.8-2.2cm ,stem below 3cm In tinns, glass jars.[...]


[China]Boletus edulis

Brined: without any worm and clean the worm passage ; Grade A whole size,natural stem cutted the old root ,cleaned the black part and mud. A1 cap 2-4cm,A2 CAP 4-6cm,A3 cap 6-8cm B stem only cutted: B1 cutted half ,hard without passage of worm, B2 cutted half cleaned the worm passage, B3 cutted quarter , C cap whole , C1 from 2-4cmC2 from 4-6cm C3 from 6-8cm D cap cross cut,D1 hard cap cross cut D2 soft cap cross cut E skin only Brined slice :cutted into 5mm-7mm slice,A whole size,B[...]