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[Egypt]Egyptian Food Stuff

*** Fruit Concentrates : - We offer Egyptian quality materials for the food industry:- I T EM 1.PUREE •Mango puree (soluble solids 15.1 sugar brix) + SEASON: July - August - September •Guava puree (soluble solids not less than13 sugar brix) + SEASON: September – October – November •Packing :-[...]


[China]Canned Sweet Corn

1 x 20 FCL: 850 cartons/24 cans per carton Net/drained weight: 314g/250g Ingredients: corn, water, sugar, and salt[...]


[Poland]Cherry compote without stones

This products consists of full level of fruits and full level of sugar / extract min. 20% /. No preservatives are used in producing this product.[...]


[Poland]Apples fried with sugar 100%

Pieces of apples with sweet apple butter / mass. Excellent as an addition to cakes, deserts and ices.[...]


[Poland]Premium Jams

The PREMIUM jams were launched in 1999 and are produced according to traditional recipes. The traditional methods of cooking in open cauldrons allow the fruit to naturally soak up sugar, which results in the product`s excellent taste and flavour. The natural fruit taste and the attractive price make the Fruta jams the customer`s favourite products. The Fruta jams are a low-sugar product, containing 38% fruit extract per 290 g of jam. They are free from artificial colourings and flavours. The sell-by[...]


[Poland]Fruta Jams

The FRUTA label, which you are familiar with, gained a new image and new quality. In March, the STOVIT company expanded with the Fruta jams based on a new, modified recipe. The product is pasteurised and contains only natural ingredients. The Fruta jams are available with the most popular flavours: - ams: strawberry, cherry, peach, blackcurrant and forest Fruit and - Old Polish plum jam By launching the Fruta jams and plum jams the Stovit company satisfied both the needs of, customers running[...]


[Poland]Confectionery fillings Akord

Confectionery fillings AKORD are ideal for applying inside the cake or as a layer in sponge cake with delicious taste of advocate, marzipan, rum, coconut and hazel nut. We use traditional recipes, that's why taste and aroma are so expressive. Expiry date is 6 months from produce date.[...]


[Poland]Baking stable fruit fillings with fruit pieces

Baking stable fruit fillings are high quality products produced from fresh fruits. These products resist oven temperature of 230ºC, retaing their color, taste, flavour and structure. They can be applied both on top of the cake or filled inside. As a rule they contain 45% of fruit pieces. They can be used for any cake after baking aswell. Expiry date is 6 months from produce date.[...]


[Poland]Concentrated paste Torrini to ice-creams and creams

Concentrated paste TORRINI are applicable to ice-creams and to various kind of creams to obtain proper taste, color and aroma. Fruit paste are produced on base of natural component ( fresh fruits of concentrates ). Unfruit paste i.e. zabayone, malaga and tiramisu they include alcohol. The products can be blended wiith ice-creams as well as with fat creams. Suggested application: - ice-creams 3-5% - creams 5-10% - fatty creams 10-15% Expiry date is 12 months from produce date.[...]


[Poland]Sour Cherry puree

We offer Sour Cherry puree. The product is packaged aseptically. Please contact us for the details.[...]