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[China]Thermosiphon solar water heater

Features: 1. Use in any time: it adopts advanced design idea and integrates with high efficiency preheated patent technique, so it can warm the cold water rapidly when it flows through special pipe. It can overcome the short of traditional SWH, such as sloe heating, long waiting time. 2. More capacity: we adopt special exchanging heat mode, it avoids mixed effect, so cold water can be heated at any moment. 3. Strong hydraulic pressure: the hydraulic pressure is same as tap water, it is very suitable[...]


[China]Flat plate solar water heater

Features: 1.Collector can be separated or connected with storage water tank. 2. The forge self-melt welded process offers the best combination of durability, strength, thermal conductivity and cost efficiency. 3. Since there are no solder, adhesive or mechanical joints--nothing to deteriorate with age and high temperature. The high-speed, high-frequency welding process can maintain the original strength of the hard-temper material. The corrugations on the fins provide added rigidity[...]


[United Kingdom]For Sell Auto and truck battery Drained Lead Battery Scrap

*Detailed Selling Lead Description* We are active in sales: Auto and truck battery, Drained Lead Battery Scrap (As per ISRI Code” RAINS"),and we ship globally. We have 12,500 MT of Drained Dry Lead-Acid Batteries (RAINS) at our yard, *Drained dry whole intact lead batteries (free of acid liquid) (ISRI CODE: RAINS), *Lead Acid Batteries of White color only with P.P. material. *Not black batteries with ebonite material* *Major based Coun try UK and EUROPE. Regards John Evensen Battery Home Limited[...]


[China]Pressured integrated solar water heater

Features: 1. Higher efficiency absorb solar thermal:adopt three-layer heat collection techniques, capture maximum solar spectrum ray. 2. Instant starting up: high grade heat-transfer copper heat-pipe conduct thermal absolutely also immediately, even in cloudy weather condition. 3. Tightly sealed: adopt metallic sealing technology to guaranty every joint absolute insulation. 4. Super and strong heat preservation: using thick polyurethane foam , preserve thermal up to 72 hours. 5. Withstand pressure[...]


[China]Solar collector with normal heat pipe ( aluminum manifold0

Name︰ Solar Collector with aluminum manifold Model No.︰ Gm Series Brand Name︰ Gomon Product Description Product Name Solar collector with SHCMV tubes Product Description We can provide three models of these type solar collectors: Gm-φ58-φ1800-12 heat pipes Gm-φ58-φ1800-18heat pipes Gm-φ58-φ1800-24heat pipes Specifications --Manifold material: Aluminum alloy; --Insulation Rock wool: core inside Copper (T2); --Stand part: Stainless[...]


[China]Solar collector with SHCMV tubes

Product Description We can provide three models of these type solar collectors: Gm-φ70-φ1900-10 SHCMV tubes Gm-φ70-φ1900-15 SHCMV tubes Gm-φ70-φ1900-20 SHCMV tubes Specifications --Manifold material: Aluminum alloy; --Insulation Rock wool: core inside Copper (T2); --Stand part: Stainless Steel(SUS304); --Diameter of the core:Ø35mm; --Cover material: Nylon; --Diameter of Interface: Ø22mm;[...]


[China]Bright annealing seamless stainless steel tubing

Bright annealing stainless steel tubing in seamless/ High purity Electronic Polishing stainless steel tubing Designed for critical and purity applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, LSI's high purity tubing delivery of gases, chemicals and solvents, or use in ultra High vacuum piping for reducing out gas rate. From advanced manufacturing processes, including special cold drawing and cold pilgering, not just precision for sizes, but also enhance material substrutes density by cold pilgering[...]


[Poland]Environmental protection, consulting

The environmental protection is a very wide issue including many different science disciplines which are often distant to each other. Legal regulations and acts are also an important aspect. The base law in the field of environment in Poland is the Environmental Protection Law which i.a. imposes the reclamation duty and elaborating environmental impact assessments or reports. Those duties demand not only preparing documentations but also conducting approving procedures. Therefore DEKONTA Polska Sp.[...]


[Poland]Reclamation, bioremediation

Bioremediation of sites contaminated by oil derived substances Different methods of reclamation are used to dispose of contamination, e.g.: ground replacement, free floating product removal, biotechnological methods including implementation of bacteria strains decomposing hydrocarbons and plants able to absorb, stabilize or metabolize contamination. Nowadays methods using bacteria strains decomposing hydrocarbons seem to be the most appropriate due to ecological and economical reasons. This[...]


[Poland]Determination of the degree and the range of environment contamination

Determination of the degree and the range of ground and water environment contamination Before the reclamation process of ground and water environment starts geological, hydrogeological conditions and character, range and degree of contamination should be determined precisely. In order to achieve it different methods are used, e.g. bore holes drilling, atmogeochemical and geophysical investigations. Bore holes allow to define the geological profile, groundwater table level, sample ground and[...]