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[Poland]Centrifugal Separators

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Technical specification

Series: ZK
Flow rate: 2.0 to 118.3 m³/min

The centrifugal separator removes moisture droplets carried in the compressed air. A deflector plate on the air inlet causes the air to swirl in a cyclonic fashion. The resulting centrifugal force deposits liquid droplets and solid particles on the container wall where they coalesce and flow down into the collecting chamber. The air leaving the separator is free of condensate and has a relative humidity of almost 100%.

The centrifugal separator should be installed such that the inflowing air is as cool as possible. The cooler the air - the more moisture can be removed.

Important features and advantages:

* Specially matched deflector plate with guides ensures even, optimum separation
* Internal baffle prevents condensate pick-up in the discharge air
* Discharge air with almost 100% relative humidity and free of condensate
* Maintenance-free

Attention! an ECO DRAIN electronic condensate drain should always be fitted to ensure safe condensate drainage

Note: For physical reasons, the centrifugal separator CAN NOT produce 'dry' air. For this a compressed air dryer is needed.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:ZK
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