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[China]Molle Bulletproof/Ballistic Vest with NIJ IIIA passed USA HP lab test

FDY-R93 Bulletproof / Ballistic Vest Adopting 1000D waterproof and flame retardant nylon or Cordura, and with heavy-duty nylon webbing and stitching, the bag is durable and hard-waring, and its color fastness meets ISO Standard. MOLLE system is equipped around the vest, so more equipments can be attached to the vest. The shoulder and back can be adjusted by Velcro. The elastic band makes the waist more comfortable. Two pockets with zips are set on the front and the rear respectively,[...]


[China]Bulletproof/Ballistic Helmet Meets NIJ IIIA for Police and Military

PASGT-W Bulletproof Helmet Material: Kevlar or Tac-Tex (NIJ IIIA) Full protection for head with excellent performance: Improved stability and comfort utilizing a 3 point fully adjustable retention system Improved interface with ballistic vests, goggles, communications headsets, gas masks and shoulder fired weapon sights Chinstrap and retention can withstand 115 lb tension loading and is designed and approved for parachute operations Provides impact attenuation One size fits[...]


[China]Kevlar Bulletproof/Ballistic Helmet Meets NIJ IIIA

MICH-03C Ballistic Helmet Material: Kevlar Protection performance: NIJ IIIA The inside helmet is padded with slow rebound memory foam, very comfortable when wear it and excellent for shock absorbing. The front of the helmet is with night vision mounting system. And both sides of the helmet are with accessory rail connectors, easy for carrying accessories. Moreover, there are velcro modules on the helmet surface, for attaching other stuffs. With adjustment system inside the helmet,[...]


[China]High Fire-proof Ability Fire Fighting Helmet

XFK-03 Fire Fighting Helmet Material:High fire-proof ability reinforced plastic. Characteristics: impact resistance, anti-penetration, flame resistance, adjustable wearing harness. Also with the high ability of antisepsis,anti-edge impact,anti heat radialization, reflective and isolation. Can be with waterproof flashlight.[...]


[China]TAC-TEX Stab proof Vest Meets NIJ I-III 0115.00.

FCY-05 Stab proof Vest Stab proof Vest, adopting high strength TAC-TEX material and manganese alloy. And the ability of stab proof is NIJ I-III 0115.00. The out cover has very good waterproof ability, as well as flame resistant, anti-UV, and acid-proof. Weight: 1.50kgs(NIJ II).[...]