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Country: India

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[India]Hand Held Metal Detector

UNIQUE HAND HELD METAL DETECTOR Unique Hand Held Metal Detector are able to detect minute quantities of gold, silver and all other metal effectively as this range of model is highly sensitive. The body of this metal detecor is of PVC molded to give high strength and sturdiness and is light in weight. SALIENT FEATURES: a) Auto Setting. b) Lowest false alarm rates. c) Easy to operate, no specially skilled personnel is required to operate. d) High reliability, long life performance.[...]


[India]Walk Through Metal Detector

WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTOR: Unique door frame metal detector creates high frequency electromagnetic field through which all persons should pass. Presesnce of any metallic particles cause a reaction in this field, which is sensed by the detector and the signal is amplified and processed as required. Security is absolute with this metal detector. Unique door frame metal detector, is designed to detect both ferrous and non ferrous metals, which is passed through aperture vicinity in any conceivable[...]