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Sea buckthorn berry oil 250 mg Lycopene 6% 25 mg (eqv. to 1.5 mg of lycopene) Zinc gluconate 20.91 mg (eqv. to 3 mg of zinc) Green tea leaf dry extract 10 mg Sodium selenite 1% 5.475 mg ( 25 mcg of selenium) Vitamin E 4 mg Biotin 0.05 mg Calcium pantothenate 3.5 mg (eqv. to 3.22 mg of pantothenic acid) Form Capsules Action The product is formulated to keep the skin and hair in good condition. Sea buckthorn oil abounds with many biologically[...]


[China]One day diet slimming capsule-Fat burning on the first taking day

1 Day Diet slimming capsule is specially designed to effectively absorb the oil from food, discharge of the body, stop the grease ingress, prevent the fat accumulation comprehensively, accelerate the excessive fat decompounds and consumption, rapidly drive the trash and toxin away, get slim in short time by body purification and detex. Features: 1. Speed up the fat consumption 2. Restrain food intake and fat absorption 3. Accelerate the metabolism Mechanism: 1. Multiple vegetable proteins,[...]



NB-CN040 BASE A solid form suited to conventional natural chewing gum formulations in stick, coated tablet and/or gum candy presentations. It is a comprehensive substitute for synthetic elastomers, resins and waxes, providing excellent mastication and maintaining its texture. It is quickly and homogeneously incorporated with the rest of the raw materials, through intensive mixing.[...]


[China]acacia honey

Dear Sir or Madam: We are premier natural food limited. Our company is dealing with honey since 1999 in china. We would like you to have a look at our web side 3w dot premiernaturalfood dot com We export the honey to EU and other countries. Our honey is rape honey,(in March ) ELA ,LA ,white honey,(all year round ) buckwheat honey(IN October), sunflower honey(in October ), linden honey(in October), ,vitex honey(in July), poly flower honey(all year round) ,acacia honey(in June) Acacia honey[...]


[China]Green Barley Powder

ORGANIC Green Barley E.P is rich in enzymes, minerals, nutrients, chlorophyll, aminoacids,SOD and protein. If you are interested in, pls feel free to contact us for more products information.[...]


[China]rape honey

Dear Sir or Madam: We are premier natural food limited. Our company is dealing with honey since 1999 in china. We export the honey to EU and other countries. Our honey is rape honey, ELA ,LA ,white honey, buckwheat honey, sunflower honey, linden honey, Alfalfa honey ,vitex honey, poly flower honey ,acacia honey. We could supply the honey in bulk and retailed. If you want to purchase them pls contact us Hoping to develop the business with your company. Best wishes Tina liu[...]


[China]seabuckthorn oil

Seabuckthorn Oil Description: It is extracted from the fruits of Hippophae rhamnoides L. by CO2 extracted. Active constituents: Unsaturated fatty acid, β-carotene, Carotenoid, vitamin E, isorhamnetin, quercetin, Kaempferol and SOD. β-carotene 25mg/100g min., Vitamin E 100mg/100g min. Actions: 1. Improves immunopotency, increases energy levels, Resists tiredness, swells sinew. 2. Anti-oxidation and prevent senescence. 3. Protects cardiovascular system. 4. Anti-cancer and anti-tumor. 5. Promotes[...]


[China]Mangosteen Extract

Mangosteen Extract Description It is a extracted from skin and fruit of the Garcinia mangostana. It is a yellow crystalline powder with a xanthone core structure. Active constituents: Alpha-Mangostin 30%-90% CAS No.: 6147-11-1 Actions 1. Scavenge free radicals, a high ranker on the ORAC antioxidant scale. 2. Inhibited growth of human leukemia HL60 cells, act as histamine and serotonin receptor blockers, and also inhibit HIV-1 protease. 3. Effects against human hepatocellular carcinoma[...]



Specification:95% HPLC.It has relieves sickness and stabilize affright,make the blood circulate well and stop pain, own the digestion bowel movement and the disintoxicating effect. Fresh seedling result in spreads scratches,May treat the nettle rash. Pound the fresh grass then the juice can cure bite of viper.[...]



DHB (6,7-dihydroxybergamotin) is a new material used as an ingredient in sports supplement and medicine.[...]