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[India]Natural Essential Oils

We feel immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as the Exporter & reputed Suppliers of Medicinal Herbs , Soapnuts , Shikakai , Amla , Safflower, Bitter Apricot Kernels ,Spices , Fenugreek Seeds , Flax seeds , Ginger ,Mustard Seeds , Piper longum , Nigella sativa seeds , Coriander Seeds , Cumin Seeds , Pumpkin Seeds , Boswellia serrate gum, Gum myrrh, Commiphora mukul gum, Nux Vomica seeds , Buckwheat , Millet , Quince seeds , Cassia tora seeds , Nuts & Kernel, Curcumin Extract 95% , Essential[...]


[Spain]Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"LOS MOLINOS" VARIETY: 100% Cornicabra TASTING NOTE: Green-yellow colour. Unripe fruity aromas, characteristic of the Cornicabra variety. Smooth palate, with great expression.[...]


[Spain]Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"LOS MOLINOS" VARIETY: 100% Cornicabra TASTING NOTES: Intense aromawith soft touch to vegetable and apple. Fruty green. Lightly bitter and piquant. It supports a graduation of acidity between 0,25º and 0,4º[...]


[Poland]Soya lecithin liquid

We offer soya lecithin liquid.[...]


[Italy]Olive oil with IGP Sorrento's lemons

This oil is produced processing in the mean time Sorrento’s olives and lemons. The fruits are entirely processed. From the peel we succeed in extracting the essential oils that join together the oil in a perfect union. This is an intense scented oil extracted from the lemon’s peels with an intense and persisten taste. It can be used both with raw and cooked food. From the appetizer to the dessert it succeeds in giving a touch in more to all dishes. Unique dressing for all the salades[...]


[Italy]Organic extra virgin olive oil VENUS

This extra vergine olive oil is only extracted from the best olives cultivated by biological agriculture, where chemical plant products and herbicidal fertilizers are banished. The Consortium for the control of the biological products in Bologna certifies the origin of it. Its colour is bright and the sweet and its taste is delicate. Moreover, it is recommended to all those persons who require high digestibility diets.[...]


[Italy]Olio extra vergine fruttato VERUM

This is an extra vergine oil derived from the first pressing and naturally manufactured. Its persistent scent is the same as the just pressed olives, just like the taste, accompanied by light notations of grass and spice. Its colour is of a very loaded and opaque green thanks to the presence of fragments of pulp. Therefore, it is a raw oil, that would be preferred for by all those people who love the tradition. In 2006 it was the best italian "medium frutty" oil.[...]


[Italy]extra vergin olive oil SYRRENTUM

The Syrrentum Extra Vergine olive oil optimizes the union between the natural wealth of the ground and the ancient experience of the farmers and oil-millers of the Sorrento’s Peninsula. Its characteristics are the result of a careful selection of the olives belonging to the “minucciola”, “crusher”and “coratina” varieties, from which it is extracted an oil by the delicate and balanced taste.[...]


[Spain]Pomace Olive Oil in Glass, Tins, Pets and Bulk from Coreysa.

Coreysa is a Manufacter Pomace Olive oil company very important worlwide with over 30 million kilos production every year. POMACE OLIVE OIL in Pets, Glass and Tins. Also in BULK Content per 100 ml.: Energetic Value 824'4 Kcal./3,389'2 Kj Fats 91'6 g among them: Proteins 0 g. Saturated 12'3 g Carbohydrates 0 g. Monounsaturated 70 g. Vit E 20 mg (200% C.D.R.) Polyunsaturated 9'3 g. Bottling conditions: Inert atmosphere --- Echological bottle --- No additives.[...]


[Spain]Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Pets of 1,2 and 5 Liters

Extra Virgin in different Pets, Glass , tins and Bulk. Best prices in Spain. We are manufacters since 1917. Long experience on export. PLEASE SEND EMAIL FOR PRICES Content per 100 ml.: Energetic value 824'4 Kcal./3,389'2 Kj Fats 91'6 g among them: Proteins 0 g. Saturated 12'3 g Carbohydrates 0 g. Monounsaturated 72 g. Vit E: 20 mg. (200% C.D.R.) Bottling conditions: Inert atmosphere --- Echological bottle --- No aditives.[...]