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[China]Waterproof Pen-type pH Meter

KL-03(III)Waterproof Pen-type pH Meter *Large and easy-to-read LCD *Replaceable pH electrode *Waterproof design *Data hold Technical Specification Measuring range 0.00~14.00PH Accuracy ±0.1PH Resolution 0.01PH Operating Temperature 0℃~50℃ Automatic Temperature Compensation 0℃~50℃ Power Supply 4x1.5V(AG13) Dimensions 188x35x35(mm3)[...]


[China]Conductivity Tester

KL-1382 Conductivity Tester Technical Specification 1.Measuring range:0~1999μs/cm 2.Resolution: 1μs/cm 3.Accuracy: ±2%F.S 4.Operating Temperature: 0℃- 50℃ 5.Power Supply: 2x3V(CR2032 Battery) 6.Display:4-digital LCD 7.Environment:Humidity:≤95% 8.Weight:46g 9.Dimension:150mmx27mmx20mm[...]


[China]TDS Tester

KL-139 TDS Tester Technical Specification 1.Measuring range:0-1999 PPm(mg/L) 2.Resolution: 1 PPm(mg/L) 3.Accuracy: ±2%F.S 4.Operating Temperature: 0℃- 50℃ 5.Power Supply: 2x3V(CR2032 Battery) 6.Environment: Humidity: ≤95% 7.Display:4-digital LCD 8.Weight:46g 9.Dimension:150mmx27mmx20mm[...]


[Taiwan]Maga Power Up

Features 1.Decrease the loss from leakage of current 2.Power factor auto-regulation 3.Stabilize the voltage, elongate the lifespan of equipments 4.Environment friendly conservation of energy, electricity & money saving Applications Industrial use 1 to 1 AC inductance loading, effective electricity-saving equipments for example, the motor of sewing machine), large-scale refrigerators for store use, ice boxes, separated type air conditioners, etc. Specifications[...]


[Taiwan]MEGA Power Saver

1.MEGA Power Saver is an innovative technology and patent device in 21st century, intended for use in the house and small-and middle-scale companies.It effects power saving and cuts electricity bills by increase in power factor.It can also stabilize indoor electric current & voltage and prolong lifespan of electric appliances. 2.MEGA Power Saver does not consume the power by itself; daylong and yearlong use will not bring extra electricity charge. This device is suitable for[...]


[China]Sell HDMI 1 HDMI Port to 8 HDMI Ports Splitter

Product Description: 1 HDMI 1.2a compliant 2 1080P compliant 3 HDCP 1.0/1.1 compliant 4 distributes the HDMI input to 8 identical outputs synchronized. 5 cascaded(Daisy chained): Large distributution achieved by stacking SP0108. 6 easy to use: Install in seconds, no need of setting 7 Specifications: Operating tempreture range - 5 to + 35 C degree (-41 to + 95 F degree ) Operating humidity range 5 to 90 % RH (no condensation ) Video amplifier bandwidth 140 mHz Maximum single link[...]


[China]Ceramic heat emitter

Provides natural infrared heat which simulates the sun Long life Lasts up to 10,000 hours Non light emitting element provides heat without bright,blinding light Large circular emitter directs heat to increase basking area[...]


[China]BOSCH Motor

Kindly browse our web(as-auto-motor dot com ) to locate the exact part youve been searching and find unbelievable deals on the whole range of MITSUBISHI, BOSCH, FORD, LADA, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, (NIPPON)DENSO, DELCO, CUMMINS,KOMATSU,NISSAN,NIKKO,HINO,MITSUBA,CITROEN,ISUZU,SAWAFUJI, VALEO, MOTOROLA, PRESTOLITE, etc. BOSCH Starter Motor BXT321 BOSCH Starter Motor BXT133 BOSCH Starter Motor BXM135 BOSCH Starter Motor BXM133 BOSCH Starter Motor BXM132 BOSCH Starter Motor BXM014 BOSCH Starter Motor[...]


[China]Portable engrave letters machine Label machine

Portable engrave letters machine you can see the video of the product in my website. Could be ordered 5-10 pieces every time. specification: The subject product is suitable for engraving on materials of metal , porcelain .marble and glass . Front-end of machine ,there is a Tool bit. The tool bit will be Quivered when the machine is working . is quiver ,no rotation . so it is not be used like Die grinder . The machine worked like a pen , if you[...]


[China]SELL satellite receiver Viewsat Ultra

Viewsat Ultra The newest receiver from Viewsat! New features include USB support, 7 day EPG, more power and memory and much more. Comes with diseqc switch, cable, remote and 1 year FTA support for every Viewsat fix. The new unit supports a beefer and newer design Processor from Conexant. The unit also sports a 4mb flash area, and 32 megs of RAM. A USB 2.0 compatible port is also included for flashing the unit, or displaying digital pictures on your tv, as well as for playing mp3's. Card reader[...]