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[China]Universal batteries and adapters for cameras, camcorders, laptops

Our company successfully developed the universal batteries and universal adapters. One battery or adapter fits for most of the cameras, camcorders, laptops, it is very popular in the world market. I can provide more information upon receiving your inquiry.[...]


[China]Digital camera and camcorder batteries & chargers

POWERSOURCES INT’L LIMITED is the manufacturer for all brands of rechargeable batteries and chargers, including laptop batteries, laptop adapters, digital camera batteries/chargers, camcorder batteries/chargers, mobile phone batteries/chargers, two way radio batteries, PDA batteries, NI-MH AA/AAA batteries/chargers, ect. More than one thousand of different items are available. Digital camera/camcorder batteries &chargers include Sony, JVC, CANON, NIKON, FUJIFILM, PANASONIC, OLYMPUS, RICOH,[...]


[China]HP1202L2 7S 29.4V/2A Lithium battery charger

Model: HP1202L2(7S) 29.4V/2A Lithium Battery Charger Input Voltage: AC 100~240V 50Hz Input Current: <1.5A Output Voltage: 29.4V+/-0.2V Output Current: 2.0+/-0.2A No Load Voltage: 0~29.1V Vmax of CC charging: 28.9±0.2V Efficiency: min 82% Convertion: Swithed Charging: set voltage, set current LED Indicator: RED: POWER ON R/G: CHARGING GREEN: CHARGED Protection Against Short circuit: Yes Protection Against Reverse Flow of Current: Yes Operating[...]


[China]Laptop Adapter For (TOSHIBA)19V/3.42A

Original Information:TOSHIBA19V/3.42A Power(W):65W Voltage (V):19V Current (A):3.42A Connecter Size (mm):6.3*3.0*10 Meas (mm):139*56*31 mm Weight (g):279g Fit For: Toshiba notebooks: Tecra: L2 Satellite: A80, A85, A85-S107, A85-S1071, A85-S1072, A85-SP107, A85-SP1072, A110, L10, L10-SP104, L15, L15-S1041, L15-SP1041, L20, L20-SP119, L25, L25-S119, L25-S1192, L25-S1192, L25-S1193, L25-S1194, L25-S1195, L25-S1196, L25-SP129, L25-SP139 Satellite: M30X, M30X-40, M30X-60,[...]


[China]Laptop Adapter For FUJITSU 20V/8A

Original Information:FUJITSU20V/8A Power(W):160W Voltage (V):20V Current (A):8A Connecter Size (mm):10*9*6.3 Meas (mm):171*84.5*47mm,with light Weight (g):638g Fit For: Fujitsu Amilo D1840 Fujitsu Amilo D1845 Fujitsu Amilo A1630 Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!![...]


[China]Laptop Adapter For COMPAQ 18.5V/6.5A

Original Information:COMPAQ18.5V/6.5A Power(W):120W Voltage (V):18.5V Current (A):6.5A Connecter Size (mm):5.5*2.5*12 Meas (mm):171*66.5*42mm, with light Weight (g):457g Fit For: COMPAQ BUSINESS SERIES: NX9100, NX9105, NX9110, NX9500 COMPAQ R3000 SERIES: R3000, R3000t, R3000z, R3001AP, R3001US, R3001XX R3002AP, R3002XX, R3003AP, R3003US, R3004AP, R3004US R3005AP, R3005US, R3006AP, R3007AP, R3009AP, R3011AP R3012AP,R3013AP, R3014AP, R3016AP, R3017AP, R3018AP R3019AP, 3019CL,R3020US,[...]


[China]HP8204L3 10S 2.5A Lithium battery charger

Model: HP8204L3 10S 2.5A Lithium battery charger Input Voltage: AC 115/230V 50/60HZ Switch delete Output Voltage: 42.2V Output Current: 2.5+/-0.2A No Load Voltage: 42.4±0.2V Vmax of CC charging: 40.5±0.5V Protection Against Over Current: Over 10Amp automatic shut-down. Protection Against Over Voltage: Over 46VDC automatic shut-down. Protection Against Over Charge: Battery Extraordinary (Old can’t charge, charge for a long time) Automatic to break off charge. LED Indicator: [...]


[China]Laptop Adapter For (SONY)19.5V/7.7A

Original Information:SONY19.5V/7.7A Voltage (V):19.5V Power(W): 150W Current (A):7.7A Connecter Size (mm):6.5*4.5*10 Meas (mm):171*84.5*47mm, with light Weight (g):638g Fit For: Sony PCG-GRT280ZG Series Sony PCG-GRT290Z Series Sony PCG-GRT290ZP27 Series Sony PCG-GRT360ZG Series Sony PCG-GRT380ZG Series Sony PCG-GRT390Z Series Sony PCG-K Series Series Sony PCG-K12P Series Sony PCG-K13 Series Sony PCG-K15 Series Sony PCG-K17 Series Sony PCG-K23 Series [...]


[China]Sell :Digital Camera Battery for CR-V3

Sell :Digital Camera Battery for CR-V3 Products Description: 1)Model:Digital Camera Battery for CR-V3 ,2)Type:Li-ion ,3)Capacity:1300mAh ,4)Voltage:3.7V Our Products Include: 1)Digital Camera Battery and Charger. 2)Digital Video Camcorder Battery and Charger. 3)Two-Way Radio/Walkie Talkie Battery and Charger. 4)Laptop/Notebook Battery. 5)PDA Battery 6)Mobile Phone Battery and Charger. 7)NI-MH(AA/AAA)Battery and Charger 8)MP3/MP4 Battery. For detailed specs, pls feel free to contact[...]


[China]USD 0.45 CR123A Li/MnO2 batteries

USD 0.45 CR123A Li/MnO2 batteries Just feel free to contact me for details. Specification: CR123A (2/3A) Size: 17.0mm*35.5mm Weight: 20g Nominal voltage: 3.0V Capacity: 1.4Ah Max constant current: 2000mA Operating temperature:: -55~85 I would be glad to arrange some samples for evaluation first Feel free to contact me Best regards Kelly[...]