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[China]HP8204B 24V 5A Lead Acid Battery Charger

Model No.: HP8204B 24V/5A Lead Acid Battery Charger Specifications: Output Current: 5A+/-3% No Load Max Output Voltage: 31.2V+/-1% Charge Max Voltage:29.4V+/-0.2V Input Voltage: 115V/230V OPTION SWITCH 115V(95V~132V)/230V(180V~264V) Protection Against Over-Voltage: Over 32.5V automatic shut-off Protection Against Overload: About 10A automatic shut-off Protection Against Short Circuit:Output fuse severs or shut-off automatically Efficiency: AC-DC min 82% Operating Temperature:0-40℃[...]


[China]HP1202A 12V-3.5A Lead Acid Battery Charger

HP1202A 12V-3.5A Lead-Acid Battery Charger Specification : Model No.: HP1202A ( 12V-3.5A ) Output current: DC 3.5A±5% No load Max Output Voltage: DC 13.7V±1% Trickle Current: DC 0.1A±5% Input Voltage: AC 85 - 264V Efficiency: AC-DC MIN 82% Performance: Switching Mode Charging Method: set voltage,set current Output Detection: 1.Short Circuit Detection 2.Output Voltage/Current Limit 3.Reverse Power Protected Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ Operating Humidity : 20%~80%[...]


[China]HP8208N3 36V 3A Ni-MH battery charger

Model No.: HP8208N3 36V-3A Ni-MH Battery Charger Specifications: Input Voltage: 115V/230VAC ( 60/50Hz ) Output Current: 3.0A±0.1A Output Voltage: 36V(30Cell*1.2V) Trickle Current: 50-120mA Efficiency: MIN 82% Negative Delta Votage:6+/-1.5mV/cell Delta T/ Delta t: 0.8~1.2℃/min Maximum start charge temperature:40℃+/-5% Minimal start charge temperature: 0+/-2 ℃ Tmax: 50℃+/-5% Max charge time: 6hours Vmax: >51V+/-0.5V No load voltage: 54.5+/-0.5V Under Voltage Trickle current:[...]


[China]Ni-MH AA 15mins quick charge batteriess RHR-AA2300-15

Olymcell Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are developed to work with your most advanced, energy hungry devices such as digital cameras, hand-held games, PDA's, portable CD players and MP3 players. Olymcell Ni-MH batteries are made of high quality materials. The main materials are imported from Japan for High capacity batteries, it ensures the batteries capacity and cycle life, low internal resistance and low self-discharge. Ultra high capacity up to 2600mAh for AA size (1000mAh for AAA size) Excellent[...]


[China]Sell Ni-MH batteries and charger, Alkaline and heavy duty batteries

We’re a professional battery and charger supplier.We offer Ni-MH batteries and charger, Alkaline and heavy duty batteries. Now we release new products Ni-MH AA2700 batteries and AA 15 Minutes quick charge batteries and chargers. If you’re interested in, we’re very happy to quote our best price to you. Any inquiries and questions, pls feel free to let us know![...]


[China]Mobile Phone Battery For Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson Mobil

Detailed Product Description We produce rechargeable li-ion battery and polymer batter pack. for the cellphone both GSM and CDMA Include the below branded compatible Motorola Nokia Samsung Sonyericsson Sanyo Panasonic Nec Audiovox Siemens LG Nextel Kyocera Qualcomm Sagem Alcatel Mitsubishi Sando V-3682 V-8160 V-8162 | T720 T720I | ST-7860 V60C V600 | V60 V60I | V60p | V60s | V60v | V65p | V66 V66I | V70 | V710 | V720 | V730 | V810 i730 i733 | i736 | i740 | i760 | i830 | i833[...]


[China]Digital Camera And Camcorder Battery For Sony, Panasonic Digital Camer

Detailed Product Description We only office 4 brand compatible battery full catalog for Sony,Panasonic,Samsung,Minolta NP-FE1 | NP-FR1 | NP-FT1 | NP-FC10 | NP-FC11 | NP-FS11 | NP-FS21 NP-FA50 | NP-FA70 | NP-FP50 | NP-FP70 | NP-FP90 | NP-F550 | NP-F750 | NP-F960 | NP-FM50 | NP-QM51 NP-FM70 | NP-QM71 | NP-QM71D | NP-FM90 | NP-QM91 | NP-QM91D | NP-FF51 | NP-FF50 | NP-FF71 NP-FF70 | NP-1B | NP-55 | NP-66/77 | NP-68 | NP-88 | NP-98/99[...]


[China]PDA Battery For Compaq, HP, Dell And Dopod Series

Detailed Product Description Detailed Selling Lead Description Features: 1) Voltage 3.7V capacity:1,300mAh 2) Replacement Li-ion battery 3) For M10168 4) P/N E3 MI 02135211 We can produce PDA battery for different series as below: DOPOD Series, O2 Series, ASUS Series, DELL Series, COMPAQ Series, PANASONIC Series, FUJITSU Series, SONY Series and HP Series[...]


[China]Portable DVD Battery For Panasonic And Samsung DVD

Compatible Panasonic CGP-H501 CGP-H601 CGR-703 Samsung L-300 Portable DVD Battery - Panasonic CGR-H703 Panasonic Model Number: CGR-H703/CGR H701 Suit for: DVD-LS50, DVD-LS55 DVD-LS90 players Cell: Li-ION Capacity:8800mah Voltage:7.2V 10 to 16 hour runtime Color: BLACK Size:6.5*2.8*1.5 inches (W. H. D. )[...]


[China]Original Olympus LI-30B

Original Olympus LI-30B 3.6V 645MAH ENTIRELY original Olympus Li-30B PRICE: 2.3USD Other original battery, i.e PANASONIC DU14, CANON BP-208 etc are also available .. Price is very charming we get it from inventory....[...]